CAS = College of Arts & Sciences; CALS = College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; CEMS = College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences; CESS = College of Education and Social Services; BSAD = School of Business Administration; CNHS = College of Nursing and Health Sciences; and RSENR = Rubenstain School of Environmental and Natural Resources.

Student Thesis/Project Title
Claudia Abbiati - CNHS The Assessment and Development of an Instrument to Measure the Speech Related Attitudes of Preschoolers Who Stutter
James Aglio - CAS The Sand Reckoner
Emily Allen - CAS From Pandora to Wonder Woman, Circe to Catwoman, Penelope to Pepper Potts: Superheroines in Greek Myth
Christopher Alling - CALS Evaluating Sample Collection and DNA Extraction Techniques for Application in Culture-independent Analysis of Bovine Mammary Gland Normal Flora (pdf)
William Andreycak - CAS Skepticism or Cynicism: Attitudinal Impacts of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report on Young Americans (pdf)
Amanda Auger - CEMS The Relationship of the Common Core National Mathematics Standards to the Vermont Mathematics Initiative Professional Development (pdf)
Katharine Bailey - CAS Physiological and Subjective Responses to Social and Academic Stress (pdf)
Natalie Battistone - CAS Firebrand; A Myth Retold
Alexandra Beattie - CAS An Analysis of the Effect of B-hydroxy-B-methylbutyrate on Drosophila Melanogaster Lifespan and Flight Ability
Catherine Bekel - CAS An Investigation of Gender Differences Related to Education and Employment in a Representative Adolescent Sample
Evelyn Boardman - RSENR Late Summer Drawdown and Invertebrate Assemblages in Intermittent Alabama Streams (pdf)
John Boucher - RSENR Impact of Paired Planting of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) and Indian Mustard (Brassica juncea) on Lead Phytoextraction (pdf)
Thomas Briggs - CALS Regulation of SdsAi on Pseudomonas aeruginosa (pdf)
Julia Campbell - CAS Going with the flow: The Potential Relationship between Cerebral Blood Flow in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis and Anxiety-like Behavior (pdf)
Thomas Campbell - CAS Agency, Authorial Authority, and the Gendered Narrative of Self (pdf)
Elizabeth Cantrell - CAS The Unconstitutionality of Different Standards of Death: Arbitrariness in States' Capital Punishment Laws (pdf)
Maria Carabello - CALS Starting with a Clean Plate: Re-envisioning the Dietary Guidelines through an Ethnographic Review of Domestic Cooking Practices (pdf)
Henry Cesari - CAS Biography of Henry Kolm
Kanita Chaudhry - CAS Quantification of Site-Specific Phosphorylation in Human Cardiac Proteins by Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Stacey Chung - CAS FcGammaRIIa Expression in Patients with Previous Heart Attack
Erika Colbertaldo - CALS Detrimental when Captionless
Eli Dandurand - CAS The Colonial Theater: English America During the English Civil War
Daniel Della-Badia - CAS Dismantling the Dilemma of Sustainable Business: A Collaborative Application of Sustainable Ideals
Michael Diamond - CESS Technology Usage in Relation to Math Performance and Interest: The Gamification of the Classroom
Ashleigh Dilaurenzio - CNHS/CAS Social Networking and Feelings of Acceptance, Loneliness and Relationships in ASD and Neurotypical Populations
Laura Dillon - CAS Crooked: A Narrative in Collage (pdf)
Adam Doherty - CAS Effect of Low-frequency Vibrations on the Physisorption of Cold Hydrogen on Graphene
Mary Donovan - CAS Banana Culture: The Cultivation of Border Literature in Central America (pdf)
Peter Doubleday - CAS A Large-Scale Phosphoproteomic Analysis of the Developing Murine Brain
Sebastian Downs - CEMS Assessing and Monitoring the Linkages Between Geomorphic Conditions and Scour in Streams
Clarissa Drill - CNHS Student Nurse Practitioner Communication SKills when using an Electronic Health Record (EHR) during Health History Taking (pdf)
John Paul Dubuque - CAS Cineplex 10: An Original Screenplay by JP Dubuque (pdf)
Midori Eckenstein - CALS Threonly tRNA Synthetase (TARS) Promotes Angiogenesis Through Effects on Cancer Cells and Vascular Endothelial Cells
Jacob Fahey - CEMS Variability of Recycling Rates: A Town-byTown Comparison
Andrew Falion - CAS Pa'lante: The Direct Action Campaigns of the Young Lords Party (pdf)
Kristen Fedie - CAS Globalization, Immigration, and Identity: The Transformation and Perception of Mexican Identity in the United States (pdf)
Alexander Fowler - CAS I Have Drunk and Seen the Spider (pdf)
Julia Frankel - CAS Alice Arden: An Effigy to 16th Century English Patriarchy
Rachel Franz - CAS Cultivating Little Consumers: How Picture Books Influence Materialism in Children (pdf)
Beryl Frishtick - CAS Independence through Education: The Governess in Jane Eyre and Agnes Grey and Her Relation to Women's Identity in Nineteenth Century England (pdf)
Lindsay Gabel - CAS Metacognitive Ability as Predictor of Academic Performance
Sarah Gallalee - CAS Analyzing Access to Treatment for Prescription Drug Abuse Utilizing a Geographic Perspective in Rural Vermont
Kayla Gatos - CALS Exploring Perceptions of Health, Risk and Trust Pertaining to Raw Milk Consumption
Tom Gebhard - CALS Geospatial Analysis of the Englesby Brook using ArcGIS
Honor Gibson - CAS Representations of Women in the Early German Novel
Daniel Golschneider - CALS The Viability and Benefits of Diversifying Agricultural Practices through Raising Rabbits as Livestock
Willard Gove - CAS Secretin in Different Areas of the Cerebellar Cortex: The Role in Motor Learning
Jen Grauer - CAS Dietary Niche Analysis of Carnivores in Vermont
Elizabeth Gribkoff - CAS A Farmer in her own Right: Femininity of Women's Farm Groups
Kristen Hamilton - CAS Two Approaches to Civic Education (pdf)
Kelsey Hammond - CAS An Examination of Le Livre des Vins by Arnaud de Villeneuve
Samuel Hart - CAS Assessing MHC Class I Allelic Diversity in US Holstein Cattle
John Herrick III - CAS Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? The Effect of US Immigration Policy on Latino Social Capital (pdf)
Max Hollman - CAS The Development of Islamic Modernism: Reinterpretation, Reformation, and Human Rights
Alyssa Hoyt - BSAD The Local Disposition
Rohan Adam Jesudason - CAS The Rhetoric of the People's Republic of China Towards Their Claims to the South China Sea
Georgia Jewett - CAS The Failure of United States Foreign Assistance; Egypt, 1952-1967
Lindsay Jordan - CAS Stream Channel Migration on the Mad River between 1995 and 2011 (pdf)
Caroline Kaufman - CAS The Church in the Dirt: Sound, Space and Community at Music Festivals in the United States
Megan Kelley - CAS The Movement Against Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia
Elizabeth Kelman - CAS An Organizational Perspective on Refugee-Provider Interaction in the Mental Health Field
Daniel Kendall - CEMS Identifying and Quantifying the Gender-specific Differences of the Volatile Fear Response in Humans
Kevin Kennedy - CEMS Disorder Gets Organized: Anarchism in the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Jenny Klein - CAS Biochemical Model for Crossover Control (pdf)
Victoria Kulwicki - CALS Reaping a Profit: An Analysis of the Marketing Techniques Used by Local Organic Farmers in Vermont
Marc Laliberte - CAS Size and Conflict in Town Meeting Democracy (pdf)
Emily LaPenta - CNHS Bedside Report and Implications for Clinical Nursing Education (pdf)
Melissa Lawler - CESS Integration and Differentiation in the Nineth Grade English Classroom
Nhi Le - CAS Love Objects: Materiality and Immortality of Poetry (pdf)
Danielle Leahy - CALS Branched Chain Amino Acid Plus Glucose Supplement Reduces Exercise-Induced Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness in College-Aged Females (pdf)
Susan Leggett - CAS The Role of S-Glutathionylation in Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition
Jillian Leikauskas - CNHS Analysis of the Effects of Education on College Students' Immunization Beliefs (pdf)
Benjamin Lidofsky - CAS A Reexamination of Inflation and Growth (pdf)
Megan Lind - CAS Parasite and vector genetics: allele associations in the malaria parasite, Plasmodium mexicanum, and geographic genetic differentiation of its sand fly vectors, Lutzomyia stewarti and Lutzomyia vexator (pdf)
Thomas Lishness - CAS The Minstrel Tradition in Modern Hip-Hop: From Blackface to Bricksquad
Katharine Longfellow - CAS Threads of the Dead: An Investigation in Appearance in Ancient Central Asian (pdf)
Danielle Lozier - CAS Resting-State fMRI as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Tool for Concussion
Jacqueline Mann - CAS Investigating Protein Kinase A Binding Interactions During Growth Factor Mediated Signaling (pdf)
Kathrine Mansfield - CAS Electronic Waste Disposal in the European Union: Avoiding the Once-ler's Dilemma (pdf)
Justin Marquis - BSAD The Influence of Environmental Media on Stockholder Investment Decisions
Matthew Mason - CAS Dante's Eclogues: A Translation and Commentary (pdf)
Jodie Masotta - CAS Decades of Reform: Prostitutes, Feminists, and the War on White Slavery (pdf)
Sam Mitchell - CAS Unheard Voices: Miskito Poetry, La Cultura Costena, and the Nicaraguan Poetic Tradition (pdf)
Chelsea Mitchell - CAS Diel Vertical Migration in Mysis relicta: Is it plastic or fixed?
Charlotte Morgan - CEMS Characterizing the Relationship Between Basic Calcium Phosphate Particulates in the Knee Joint and the Frictional Coefficient of Articular Cartilage in the Intact Rat Knee (pdf)
Mukta Mukta - CNHS The Role of Culture and Social Structures in Bengali Adults with Type 2 Diabetes in Managing Their Health Condition (pdf)
Whitney O'Brien - RSENR Environmental Peace-Building As a Means of Resolving the Calero Island Border Dispute Between Costa Rica and Nicaragua
Jim Osborn, Jr. - CAS Urban Planning and the Ideology of Modernization in Venezuela, 1870-1888 / Planificacion urbana e ideologia de la modernizacion en Venzezuela, 1870 - 1888
Stephanie Parente - CESS Examining the Effectiveness of Services Provided to War Veterans as They Transition Back to Civilian Life
Samuel Patterson - CALS An Alumni-based Evaluation of Undergraduate Training in Public Communication: Results of a Survey on Messages, Careers, Salaries, and Competencies (pdf)
Vanessa Perez - CNHS Small Molecules Inhabit C. albicans Biofilm Growth on Medical Substrates (pdf)
Jennifer Poretz - CAS Study Abroad in Transition: A Perspective on the Internationalization and Commodification of Higher Education
Adam Rhodes-Rogan - CAS Trust and Behavior in a Model of Financial Markets: An Agent-Based Approach
Lucia Rubin-Cadrain - CAS How Does Harry Potter Move in Spanish?: A Corpus Analysis of Manner of Motion Verbs in Translation and its Implications for Second Language Learning
Robert Rudy - CALS Suppression Of Voltage-Gated Potassium Channels In Brain Parenchymal Arterioles: A Potential Role For Protein Kinase C Activation (pdf)
Maura Satti - CESS Exploring the Role of Social Workers in the Lives of Families who have a Child with a Developmental Disability
Zachary Schmoll - BSAD/CEMS The Impact of Compensation for NCAA Student-Athletes on NBA Draft Decisions
Hannah Schoenberg - CAS Effects of Learned Helplessness on Attentional Set-Shifting in Male Sprague Dawley Rats
Lauryn Schrom - CAS Constructing "Jewishness" in 19th-Century Art
Caroline Shea - CAS Stigma as a Barrier to Help Seeking Among College Students
Sara Stanton - CAS Images of Vermont: Constructing Statehood through Pastoral Charm (A Documentary Film)
Chan Stevens - CAS Resistance Modeling in Bolivian Triatomine Bugs: An Evaluation of Methods
Lily Teitelbaum - CAS Democratic Consolidation in Africa: A Comparative Perspective on Ghana and Malawi
Danielle Torres - CAS Who is Arminius? A Handbook (pdf)
Jordan Tourville - CAS Population Genetics of White Perch (Morone americana), an Invasive Species: Using Microsatellite Loci to Identify Source of Invasion in Lake Champlain (pdf)
Tram Tran - CAS Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury on Cerebrovascular Endothelial Cell Calcium Signaling and Nitric Oxide Production
Andrew Tranmer - CALS Targeting Ryanodine Receptors for Relief from Increased Myogenic Tone Following Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (pdf)
Malcolm Valaitis - CAS Going With Buddhism: A Translation of 'Zoujin Fojiao'
Catherine Wheeler-Frothingham - CAS Rated Equis: American Reactions to the Films of Pedro Almodovar (pdf)
Michael White - CAS Frankenstein: "A Pillar of Light into our Dark World" (pdf)
Bria Yazic - CAS Addressee-Dependent Language Variation: Speech Patterns of AAE-speaking Preschoolers (pdf)
Xie-Cheng Yuan - BSAD Should You Stay or Should You Go? NFL and NBA Draft