This fall you and other members of the Honors College community may be taking class down the hall, studying downtown, or completing the rigors of the curriculum halfway around the globe. No matter where you are living and studying this semester, this page is your home base for Honors College academic information, advising, and other resources that will enable you to advance your intellectual passions and deepen your community connections. 


Honors College Advising

As an HCOL student, you are a dual citizen at UVM with academic ties to your home undergraduate college and to the Honors College. Together with your assigned advisor in your degree-granting college, the Honors College academic advising team helps you to navigate HCOL course requirements and will refer you to university resources that will enable you to thrive and enjoy a successful UVM experience. 

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Honors College Requirements

Honors College students have “dual citizenship": they are members of both the HCOL and one of the seven undergraduate degree granting schools and colleges. The Honors College supplements and enriches degree offerings with seminars (one each semester for the first two years of study), research and scholarly preparatory coursework (one-four credits in the junior year), and a senior Honors thesis project (six credits over senior year). Honors College courses often count towards fulfilling degree requirements. Students who complete all Honors College curricular requirements, in addition to the degree requirements of their home school or college, graduate as Honors College Scholars.

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Undergraduate Research

Opportunities for undergraduate research at UVM are extensive and limited only by your imagination. Research can be conducted independently, on a team, directed by a faculty member, within the university, or in an outside facility. UVM’s FOUR (Fellowships, Opportunities, and Undergraduate Research) office enables students to get involved in research, discovery, innovation, creativity, or other scholarly work on the cutting edge of their field. This fall FOUR is providing comprehensive support through digital resources and advising.

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National Scholarship & Fellowship Opportunities

From the Fulbright Scholarship to the Rhodes Scholarship, all students at the University of Vermont receive one-on-one mentoring and advising for nationally competitive scholarship and fellowship applications. Fellowships advising is housed in the FOUR Office, and this fall FOUR is providing comprehensive support through digital resources and advising.

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Additional Honors College Resources

It's the people who make the Honors College a rich and rewarding experience. But there are some additional perks that go along with being in the Honors College:

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Thanks for letting us be a part of your intellectual adventure. If you're still feeling like you need a point in the right direction, please don't hesitate to reach out to:

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