UVM research accelerator opens nominations for future collaborators

The Gund Institute for Environment welcomes 29 new collaborators from across the University of Vermont and beyond. 

Eleven faculty Fellows and four UVM Affiliates have joined the Gund Institute from five colleges or schools and nine departments. The Institute has also welcomed two new Global Affiliates, 10 Graduate Fellows and two Postdoctoral Fellows.

With today’s announcement, the Institute also opens nominations for the next round of Gund Fellows and Affiliates. Guided by new research themes, Institute scholars target environmental issues at the interface of four global challenges: climate solutions, health and well-being, sustainable agriculture, and resilient communities. 

“Solving these environmental grand challenges requires combining insights and tools from across traditional disciplines,” says Taylor Ricketts, Director of the Gund Institute for Environment. “These new colleagues add tremendously to the Gund community of scholars working to accelerate research and solutions for people and the planet.”

New Fellows (11)

  • Yolanda Chen, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • Mandar Dewoolkar, CEMS, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Ehsan Ghazanfari, CEMS, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Paul Hines, CEMS, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
  • Stephanie Hurley, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • Adrian Ivakhiv, RSENR
  • Jeff Marshall, CEMS, Mechanical Engineering
  • Scott Merrill, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • Julia Perdrial, CAS, Geology
  • Luis Vivanco, CAS, Anthropology
  • Eric von Wettberg, CALS, Plant and Soil Science

New Affiliates (6)

  • Francisco Alpizar, CATIE, Costa Rica
  • Bob Bartlett, CAS, Political Science
  • Brian Beckage, CAS, Plant Biology
  • Byung Lee, CEMS, Computer Science
  • Rachel Schattman, U.S. Forest Service
  • Safwan Wshah, CEMS, Computer Science

Postdoctoral Fellows (2) 

  • Rebecca Diehl, CAS, Geography
  • Tim Treuer, CEMS

New Graduate Fellows (10)

  • Natalia Aristizabal, RSENR
  • Caitlin Crossett, CEMS
  • Chris Halsted, RSENR
  • Claire McIlvennie, RSENR
  • Rebecca Miller, Grossman
  • Alex Neidermeier, RSENR
  • Eric Recchia, CALS
  • Bonnie Reese, RSENR
  • Luis Rodriguez-Cruz, CALS
  • Rebecca Stern, RSENR

With these additions, the Gund community now comprises 46 Fellows, 62 Affiliates, 9 Postdoctoral Fellows and 50 Graduate Fellows. These scholars hail from six UVM colleges or schools, 21 departments, and 43 external organizations – including Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and WWF – in nine countries.

New Fellows and Affiliates will be recognized at a UVM reception tonight.

Gund Fellows and Affiliates are accomplished in disciplines related to the Institute’s mission and collaborate on research and outreach. Fellows engage deeply in the Institute’s efforts, collaborating with a network of Affiliates at UVM and beyond.

This is the Gund’s third major announcement of the 2018-19 academic year, following the launch of the annual Catalyst Awards seed grant competition (submissions due Oct. 11), and inaugural research themes.

The Gund Institute seeks to catalyze environmental research, connect UVM with society’s leaders, and develop real-world solutions to critical issues.

Learn more about Gund Affiliations, and PhD and postdoctoral opportunities


Basil D.N. Waugh