The Gund Institute for Environment welcomes 40 new collaborators from across the University of Vermont and beyond.  

Four faculty Fellows and four UVM Affiliates have joined the Gund Institute from five colleges or schools, and five departments. The Institute has also welcomed four new Global Affiliates, five Postdoctoral Fellows, and 23 Graduate Fellows. 

With today’s announcement, the Institute also opens nominations for the next round of Gund Fellows and Affiliates. Guided by four research themes, Institute scholars target environmental issues at the interface of four global challenges: climate solutions, health and well-being, sustainable agriculture, and resilient communities.

“Solving environmental grand challenges requires combining insights and tools from across traditional disciplines,” says Taylor Ricketts, Director of the Gund Institute for Environment. “These new colleagues add tremendously to the Gund community of scholars working to accelerate research and real-world solutions for people and the planet.”

New Fellows (4)

  • Bob Bartlett, CAS, Political Science
  • Brian Beckage, CAS, Plant Biology
  • Byung Lee, CEMS, Computer Science
  • Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, RSENR, Spatial Analysis Lab 

New Affiliates (8)

  • Samantha Alger, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • Molly Brown, University of Maryland
  • Nick Cheney, CEMS, Computer Science
  • Ian Deshmukh, Tetra Tech
  • Ante Glavas, Grossman School of Business
  • Meryl Richards, Ceres
  • J.B. Ruhl, Vanderbilt University
  • Rory Waterman, CAS, Chemistry

Postdoctoral Fellows (5)

  • Matt Burke, RSENR
  • Drew Christ, CAS
  • Luz de Wit, RSENR
  • Alejandra Guzman-Luna, CALS
  • Tim Treuer, CEMS

New Graduate Fellows (23)

  • Aura Alonso-Rodriguez, RSENR
  • Jenny Bower, CALS
  • Mary Campbell, CAS
  • Mahalia Clark, RSENR
  • Stephanie Drago, RSENR
  • Megan Egler, RSENR
  • June Guo, CALS
  • Carolyn Hricko, CALS
  • Catherine Horner, CALS
  • Ali Javed, CEMS
  • Andi Kur, CALS
  • Jolyon Larson, RSENR
  • Edward Marques, CALS
  • Jeremy Matt, CEMS
  • Rigo Melgar-Melgar, RSENR
  • Maya Moore, CALS
  • Kenna Rewcastle, RSENR
  • Jen Santoro, RSENR
  • Emily Shore, CAS
  • Nina Smolyar, RSENR
  • Joshua Taylor, CALS
  • Hannah Weise, RSENR
  • Alissa White, CALS

With these additions, the Gund community now comprises 50 Fellows, 68 Affiliates, 8 Postdoctoral Fellows and 62 Graduate Fellows. These scholars hail from six UVM colleges or schools, 21 departments, and 43 external organizations – including Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and WWF – in over 10 countries. 

New Fellows and Affiliates will be recognized at a UVM reception on Sept. 26. 

The Gund Institute seeks to catalyze environmental research, connect UVM with society’s leaders, and develop real-world solutions to urgent global issues. Flagship Gund programs include grant competitions (Catalyst AwardsApis Fund), PhD and postdoctoral fellowshipsundergraduate research awards, plus major events, such as the Gund Research Slam.

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