The Gund Institute for Environment at UVM welcomes 66 new collaborators in the largest expansion of its global research network in its history.

Fourteen faculty Fellows and 20 UVM Affiliates have joined the Gund Institute from six colleges or schools and 13 departments. The Institute has also welcomed 13 new Global Affiliates, 15 Graduate Fellows and four Postdoctoral Fellows.

“These esteemed Fellows and Affiliates nearly double the number of collaborators from UVM and beyond,” says Donna Rizzo, Acting Director of the Gund Institute for Environment. “They greatly expand the Institute’s capacity to accelerate interdisciplinary research and to develop real-world solutions for global environmental issues.”

New Fellows (14)

  • Paul Bierman, CAS, Geology
  • Pablo Bose, CAS, Geography
  • Mark Budolfson, CAS, Philosophy
  • Aimee Classen, RSENR
  • Chris Danforth, CEMS, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Heather Darby, CALS, Extension
  • Nicholas Gotelli, CAS, Biology
  • Rachelle Gould, RSENR
  • Britt Holmén, CEMS, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Jane Kolodinsky, CALS, CDAE
  • Meredith Niles, CALS, Food Systems
  • Bindu Panikkar, RSENR
  • Eric Roy, RSENR
  • Nathan Sanders, RSENR

New Affiliates (33)

  • David Bond, Bennington College
  • Alison Brody, CAS, Biology
  • Elizabeth Calabrese, Calabrese Architects
  • Jan Carney, Larner College of Medicine, Public Health
  • Yolanda Chen, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • John Crock, CAS, Anthropology
  • Tom Dietz, Michigan State University
  • Mandar Dewoolkar, CEMS, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Peter Dodds, CEMS, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Aaron Ellison, Harvard University
  • Ehsan Ghazanfari, CEMS, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Rebecca Harvey, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Stephanie Hurley, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • Adrian Ivakhiv, RSENR
  • Neil Kamman, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Mike Kline, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Marilyn Lucas, Grossman School of Business
  • Kellie Merrell, Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Scott Merrill, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • Deborah Neher, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, RSENR
  • Julia Perdrial, CAS, Geology
  • Johanna Polsenberg, Conservation International
  • Don Ross, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • Jack Scambos, The Suparator Organization
  • Amy Seidl, RSENR
  • Susan Sgorbati, Bennington College
  • Laura Sonter, University of Queensland
  • Luis Vivanco, CAS, Anthropology
  • Helena Vladich, Plymouth State University
  • Eric Von Wettberg, CALS, Plant and Soil Science
  • Maria Woolson, CAS, Romance Languages and Linguistics
  • Frank Zelko, CAS, History

New Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellows (19)

  • The Institute has added 15 new Graduate Fellows and four Postdoctoral Fellows from colleges across UVM.

With these additions, the Gund community now totals 150, including 35 Fellows, 64 Affiliates, 43 Graduate Fellows and eight Postdoctoral Fellows. They represent 44 organizations, including UVM, Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, WWF, Conservation International, Woods Hole, CATIE, and the Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation.

This is the Institute’s second major announcement of the week. On Tuesday, the UVM-wide research accelerator announced nearly $250,000 in Gund Catalyst Awards and event support. Award recipients include new Fellows Mark Budolfson, Meredith Niles, Eric Roy, Britt Holmén, Nathan Sanders and Heather Darby.

Gund Fellows and Affiliates are accomplished in disciplines related to the Institute’s environmental mission and collaborate on research, training and outreach. Fellows engage deeply in the Institute efforts, collaborating with a network of Affiliates at UVM and beyond. Fellows and Affiliates are accepted for three-year renewable terms.

New Fellows and Affiliates will be recognized at a UVM reception tonight.

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