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UVM students are creative, capable world citizens - and they make excellent employees.

At UVM, we’re cultivating top talent through engaged learning in a academic environment. Our students are known for their dedication to making a difference and they bring that passion to their careers and communities. Whether you’re seeking interns, part-time staff, or full-time employees, we’ll help you tailor your approach based on your unique recruiting needs.  Get started recruiting @ UVM today!

1. Create your free Handshake account

Post positions, connect with candidates or even host a virtual program

2. Register for an upcoming recruitment event

Recruit students/alums, promote your brand, invest in your pipeline development

3. Connect with a Career Interest Group

Reach and engage students whose interests expressly align with your work

4. Send UVM alums to UVMConnect

UVM alums in your org are key recruiting resources! Incentivize them to join UVMConnect where they can post directly to the Interest Groups to promote jobs, build brand awareness, and give pro-offer career tips

5. Hire UVM Interns

Hosting an intern / internship program / micro-intern can be incredibly valuable to you, your talent pipeline & the student!

6. Pitch your own ideas to us

We'd love to collaborate to bring creative ideas to life in order to reach and engage students...

Key Resources for Employers


Handshake is our comprehensive recruiting platform, giving you access to UVM's talent and over 1400 other institutions nationwide. Post jobs, register for events, and connect with students.

UVM Micro-Internships

Parker-Dewey (micro-Internships)

Micro-internships engage UVM students in paid, professional, remote, project-based work without the hassle of coordinating the onboarding, training, and payroll paperwork of a traditional intern.  Need a quick project completed?  We have students who are up for the job!

Student at Table

On-Campus Tabling Request

Whether you’re currently recruiting for open positions or looking to build your brand on campus, meet prospective employees and interns by tabling in a high traffic area.  Tabling is a nice compliment to our in-person & virtual Recruitment Events.


Professional And Continuing Education (PACE)

Empower your people with training that keeps you on the cutting-edge. When you devote time to empowering your people you can: retain a more satisfied workforce, improve overall company performance, incur fewer onboarding expenses and improve the skills of c-suite to create more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces.