Adjusting your recruitment strategy due to COVID-19? We're here to help.

We deeply value our partnerships with employers and greatly appreciate your interest in recruiting our talented students and alums. Below, you'll find information and resources to continue building your relationships with students and adapt your recruiting and hiring practices.

Optimize your use of Handshake

We are encouraging students to focus their energy on maximizing their use of Handshake through this disruption, and offer you these tips to do the same.


Host a virtual event

Virtual events are a great way to connect with students from all across the country. Handshake's webinar will help you consider what kind of virtual events would work best for your organization and how you might execute them. We suggest that you take the following into account:

What is the goal of your event?

Are you hoping to raise student awareness of your brand, recruit for an open position, educate prospective employees about important industry trends, or simply work on building a relationship with early talent?

What format makes the most sense?

Depending on the purpose of your event and the capacity of your team, a panel of employees  a Q&A with your hiring manager might make sense. If your office is still open, maybe a behind the scenes look at your work is the right fit.

What technology and skillsets do you have access to?

Can someone on your team edit videos, or build a new webpage about recruitment during COVID-19? If you choose to run a panel, do each of your panelists have access to a quality webcam, microphone, and internet connection?

How will you promote the event?

Posting it to Handshake with a compelling title and detailed description of how to connect and what to expect is a great start. Contacting our office to discuss additional promotional opportunities might be helpful, as we can promote the event to students in related Interest Groups. And, you could consider reaching out to students directly through Handshake's messaging tool or posting about it on your own social media pages.


Best Practices for Remote Recruiting

We've compiled a few resources to help you consider what elements of your recruitment and hiring process can be managed remotely.

Remote Recruitment Overview



Business Continuity

The University of Vermont Career Center


Join an Interest Group

Connect to folks with shared interests in a vibrant social network.

Find your group