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Take learning to a whole new level.

Experiential learning — learning by doing, especially outside of a traditional classroom setting — is a great way to get practical experience, gain new transferable skills, explore interests, and discover possible career paths.

UVM has a wide range of experiential learning programs and opportunities to support you becoming career-ready.


UVM students report that their service-learning classes offer higher levels of academic challenge, greater interaction with a faculty member, and higher levels of critical thinking and real world problem-solving than traditional coursework. Connect your classroom experience with the broader Burlington community; in exchange, you'll gain hands-on skills that will make you career-ready. Check in with the Office of Community-Engaged Learning (CELO) to learn more about service-learning at UVM.

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Looking to combine your classroom learning with work in a professional setting? Internships can be paid, unpaid, for credit or not-for-credit, and can take place in Burlington, out-of-state, or even in another country - but in any internship, you can expect to learn by doing, to develop new professional skills and experience, and to network with professionals in the industry.

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Want to gain valued professional development experience with a short-term commitment? Micro-internships are flexible, short-term, paid professional projects, similar to a consulting or contracting position. Start exploring micro-internships opportunities and connect with companies in need of support!

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Mentored Internship Courses

In CAS's Communities of Practice (COP) courses, interns work in teams to build their skills while completing work in a professional setting for external organizations. Some will work 1:1 with an organization, while others will focus on a project or group of projects for community partners. 

The Communities of Practice program is ideal for students who are taking a first step into work-based learning, or who want to work with multiple community partners and professionals.  Courses are open to students of all majors at UVM. Sophomore standing required.

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Internship Programs

Check out these Vermont based, semester away and online internship programs open to all students.

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Part-Time Jobs

Working on or off campus comes with real responsibilities that will prepare you for full-time employment. Build your resume and your professional skills by finding a part-time job.

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Job Shadowing

Connect with alums working in the field and learn what a day in the life is like at your dream job. You can see what a typical work day looks like, make connections to people in an industry, and determine if this type of job is a good fit with your interests and goals.

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Study Abroad

Studying abroad allows you to learn about other cultures and about yourself. Students often find that they come back with a clearer understanding of what they want to do in life, and how to accomplish it. You will develop and hone skills that help you stand out to employers, including intercultural communication, self-reliance, problem-solving, and foreign language fluency.

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Community Service

Volunteering through a student club or local organization is another great way to explore your interests, expand your skill set, and discover new possibilities. UVM is known for its commitment to community service - consider volunteering some of your time to a worthwhile cause and you may be surprised by just how much gain.

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Leadership Opportunities

Leadership comes in many different forms, but each opportunity provides you with a chance to find your own voice, make an impact on your community, and build your confidence. As a job-seeker, these are excellent skills and experiences to reflect and build on.

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Undergraduate Research

Participating in undergraduate research lets you work closely with experts in your interest area, and offers you an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and direct mentorship from a scholar in your field. Undergraduate research can help you understand concepts and techniques learned in the classroom in a whole new way, and elevate your academic record to the next level - which will help you stand out to prospective employers and graduate programs. The Office of Fellowships, Opportunities & Undergraduate Research (FOUR) is a great place to start your journey.

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Fellowships are nationally competive, prestigious awards that recognize students with excellent academic records, significant community engagement experience, and ambitions to change the world. They provide you with an opportunity to deeply engage in your field of study, and carry a lot of weight in the job or graduate school search. Learn more about nationally competitive fellowships by connecting with the Office of Fellowships, Opportunities & Undergraduate Research (FOUR).

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