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Interest Groups are a place to find your people, explore your passions, and craft your career.

They are all about building a network of peers, faculty, employers, alums, and staff who care about the same things that you do.

Below, you'll find information about our seven Interest Groups. You're welcome to join as many as you would like, and can change your membership with the click of a button in Handshake.

At UVM, careers are collaborative - and Interest Groups are the perfect place to start your career journey.

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Arts, Media & Communication

Explore & unlock your passion and skill in the arts, media, communication, and more. Connect with local professionals with global creative reach, and develop your own artistic voice.

The Arts, Media & Communication Interest Group is ideal for students interested in film, journalism, museum studies, photography, graphic design, entertainment, theater, communications, and the visual arts.

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Business & Entrepreneurship

Create, problem solve, and innovate your way to a future in business. This interest group puts you in the heart of Burlington’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and connects you with makers, thinkers, and doers.

The Business & Entrepreneurship Interest Group is ideal for students interested in business, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, hospitality, real estate, and marketing.

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Education, Policy & Social Impact

Influence the fabric of our community through civic engagement, community organizing, or providing vital social services to those in need. This interest group connects you with local governmental, educational, and social services organizations that are committed to making a difference.

The Education, Policy & Social Impact Interest Group is ideal for students interested in teaching, government, social work, non-profit management, law, community development, and community organizing.

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Food, Environment & Sustainability

If engaging with the built and natural world in more environmentally sustainable ways excites you, this is the interest group for you. Members of this group are focused on exploring and connecting with the environment and our community through stewardship, and they seek to increase our collective sense of social responsibility and care for the world around us.

The Food, Environment & Sustainability Interest Group is ideal for students interested in agriculture, ecology, recreation, transportation, forestry, veterinary sciences, environmental engineering, nutrition, and environmental policy.

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Health Professions

Are you interested in asking and answering questions related to our health and wellbeing? A career in health can lead you in many different directions - from clinics and classrooms to research laboratories and policy organizations.

The Health Professions Interest Group is ideal for students interested in public health, medicine, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, optometry, and biomedical research.

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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

With rapid developments in technology, artificial intelligence, and complex systems, the STEM interest group is well-positioned to propel your career forward. Access information, resources, and hands-on experiences that will prepare you for the ever-changing landscape of engineering, technology, mathematics, and the sciences.

The STEM Interest Group is ideal for students interested in engineering, computer science, data science, laboratory sciences, natural science, and data analysis.

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Are you exploring possible career paths and industries? This interest group helps you sample programming related to a range of industries, and invites self-reflection, exploration, and discovery.

The Exploring Interest Group is ideal for those who are curious to learn about a range of potential career opportunities. 

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