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UVM Connect is home to our Career Interest Groups

Similar to LinkedIn - but specifically for UVM alums, students, faculty and staff - UVM Connect is the best way to tap into a supportive and growing global network.  It's free & easy to join.

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 Connected circles

Groups within UVM Connect help you find alums & peers who share your interests.

See what other group members are up to, what questions they're asking and what advice they're dropping.  Select your first Career Interest Group when you activate your account and log in the first time; join additional groups (as many as you like) using the left nav. Come and go as you please - there are no obligations.

See how they can help you.

Willing to help

The folks you find on UVM Connect have already raised their hands to help!

Search the directory for alums who share an identity, live in an area of interest, or took the same major, etc... and then click on those with a "Willing to Help" banner to see exactly how they're offering to help.  Some will let your shadow them for a day at work, others are happy to meet for coffee, or offer resume feedback. Like any search, start broad and then narrow in...

Explore possibilities...

Explore possible career paths for yourself by seeing other people's journeys.

Find someone with a job that sounds interesting and see what they studied, where they interned, or how they got started.  You might even reach out to see if they have advise to offer... (Alums love talking about themselves - I'm mean really, don't we all?!)

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Be the first to know about relevent jobs, events and other key resources.

Each Interest Group has a monthy newsletter, curated jobs board and event feed to keep you in-the-know! Activate your account and join a group/s today.


Check out the FAQ page, or contact alumni@uvm.edu.

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Choosing a Group

No sure which Interest Group to join?  No sweat - learn more...

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