Equity and inclusion are critical to our success as organizations, as well as our nation.

Organizations often ask, "How do I access candidates with diverse identities and perspectives?" This question is on the UVM Career Center’s mind as well, as we too strive to meet our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Like you, our sensitivities have been heightened by media reports about more deaths, injuries, and incarcerations, and the differential impact of COVID on Black and Brown people. While we understand some of the most effective ways to connect students and employers, we acknowledge we have much to learn, and have dedicated time to reflect on our internal practices, as well as to act intentionally to support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students. 

Collaborative learning has always been at the core of our employer partnerships, and this webpage is devoted to sharing some of those learning experiences with you. By working together, we can multiply our impact.

- Pamela K. Gardner, Ed.D.  (she/her/hers), UVM Career Center

What some of our employer partners are doing:


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    Employer Spotlight: Global Foundries

    "At Global Foundries, one of our core company values is 'Embrace'—a reminder of the strength that comes from a culture of inclusivity. In 2019 we shaped our GF diversity and inclusion vision, and through 2020 we implemented measures to build and foster an inclusive culture and grow GF's diverse workforce. Our commitment to diversity comes from our conviction that diversity is a fundamental strength and brings ample benefits. These go far beyond the business benefits to GF—which are many—these include the entire semiconductor industry and our wider communities."

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Is there a project, initiative, or story you might like to share with our community? Let us know the details and you may be featured on this page in the future. We look forward to hearing about your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and insights.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Company Mission, Vision & Values

The UVM Career Center works with a diverse array of employers who provide students with unique workplace opportunities in a variety of fields and industries. Each organization approaches their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts with their own unique lens. Often, it starts with their company mission, vision or values that are at the core of who they are, what they stand for, and who they strive to be. See the resources below on the importance of going beyond recruitment and actively incorporating diversity, equity & inclusion values into your company’s mission to create a culture of belonging and inclusivity.

Articles & Media

Explore these resources to learn more about the importance of equity, inclusion, and social justice in the workplace.


Consider joining a group on LinkedIn or through a professional organization that is focused on advancing equity and inclusion.

  • BIPOC HR Professionals & Allies: A resource and networking group for all Black, Indigenous, People of Colour HR Professionals and their allies who work in their personal and work lives to confront and eliminate racism and anti-Black racism.
  • Global Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace: This group is comprised of professional business people from across the globe discussing ways to initiate and implement diversity and inclusion principles in the organizations where they’re working, the teams they’re building and the initiatives they’re managing.


Ready to get to work? These resources will help you get started in writing or revising your diversity and inclusion statement and evaluating the climate in your workplace.