Interns for Cabot Community Association

Matt Levy, ’24, Lori Augustyniak, Bryce Hird. ‘23

“Hosting interns got me excited to learn new things and inspired in me new enthusiasm for my job.”

-Intern Supervisor
Cabot Community Association, Summer 2023

An internship is a hand-on learning experience allowing students to apply their academic learning and developing their skills in a professional workplace setting.  See some great examples among our Summer '23 Photo Contest winners (click on the picture for the story).

At UVM, we believe internships should be reciprocal, win-win scenarios. Whether in-person or remote, internships serve as a valuable pipeline of talent for your company, bringing increased capacity, new energy, and unique perspectives to the workplace. As interns, students explore and expand their career options, build professional connections, and deepen their classroom learning while contributing to the goals of  your organization. 

“Our intern's ability to quickly create relevant social media content and connect with partners online has been incredibly helpful for our program.”
-Intern Supervisor, Capstone Community Action, Summer 2023 


Consider hiring a UVM intern

Why Host an Intern?

Fresh Ideas, New Trends, and Latest Technology

University students often see the world through a different lens.  They can bring  innovation and creative thinking to the workplace, questioning processes and offering suggestions. Accustomed to teaching themselves new technologies quickly, they will likely have learning strategies to offer.

Increased Capacity

Interns bring skills and a desire to use their abilities to further the mission of the company. After initial training, interns can take on a project they can work on autonomously, often creating a valuable deliverable. Their work can free up other employees to pursue new endeavors.

Mentorship Opportunities

Internship programs give current employees an opportunity to mentor future leaders in the field, which can promote a healthy work culture and build company morale. Helping teach and develop individuals new to the career can motivate employees and reinvigorate their passion or work ethic, and increase effective leadership within the team (Indeed Career Guide, 2023.)

New Talent Discovery

  • 85% of responding employers indicated internships are the top recruiting method for their investment of time and money, far ahead of career fairs (9%), on-campus visits (3%), and participating in campus panels (3%)(NACE, 2023.)
  • Hiring an intern from UVM will forge relationships within the University that can lead to new connections with Career Center recruitment opportunities as well as with the intern’s friends, colleagues and faculty.

Employee Retention

  • 50% to 60% of eligible interns convert to full-time employees.
  • 75% of converted interns are still with the organization after their first year on the job compared to 51% of non-intern employees (NACE 2023 Internship & Co-op Report, 2023.)


Requirements for Hosting Interns

Position Description

A position description with clear responsibilities, specific projects and required/desired qualifications. Consider consulting resources on the most inclusive hiring practices.

Defined Learning Goals

Clearly defined learning goals and a plan for how the intern will gain and practice the skills to meet those goals.

Direct Supervisor

A direct professional supervisor with relevant expertise who provides productive feedback, guidance, and the resources and equipment necessary to successfully complete the assignment.


UVM strongly recommends that employers compensate interns for their work, as many students are unable to work for free and still meet their financial obligations. Competitive internship wages range from $16-$25/hr depending on the sector. Other benefits, including housing allowances, mileage reimbursement, employee discounts, professional development trainings, etc. can help compensate for lower wages.

Can an employer offer credit instead of payment? Employers are not involved in granting credits for internships. If a student chooses to earn credit for their internship experience, they enroll in a course with a UVM faculty member who manages the credit granting process. The employer will be asked to review and sign a learning contract and the UVM Internship MOU. Because students must pay tuition to receive credit, many prefer to pursue the internship for payment only.


What About Pay?

Diversify your Workforce

Women, Black, and Hispanic students are significantly underrepresented as a proportion of paid interns. Providing more paid internships for underrepresented populations will lead to greater access, opportunity, and success for participating students; help fill critical roles throughout the employment landscape; and lead to needed diversification of the workforce. (NACE, 2023)

Fully Engaged and Present Interns

Paid interns do their best work and are able to be more fully present because they don’t have to work side jobs to manage their living expenses during the internship.

More Applicants

  • Handshake data from August 2022 through February shows that paid internship postings attract an average of 43 more applicants per job than unpaid ones. (Forbes, 2023).
  • NACE research has found that students who take part in paid internships receive more job offers and garner higher starting salaries than those who participate in unpaid internships (NACE 2022 Student Survey, 2022).

US Department of Labor Standards


Start the Process...

Make a Plan

Develop a robust and engaging Internship Description

Post your internship

  • Register and post your internship on Handshake. UVM students access these postings and will contact you directly, allowing you to interview and select the student(s) who are the best fit for your position.
  • Handshake problems? Contact for assistance
  • Use this Handshake Onboarding Guide to walk you through the process.
  • Your post will now be visible to all UVM students and students at any other participating college you select.
  • Consider consulting our guidance on diversity recruiting strategies

Target promotion of your internship position to interested UVM students

  • Explore avenues to Engage Students from Marginalized Backgrounds Early & Often
  • If you are a UVM alum, you can post about the position on our student, staff and alum platform UVM Connect
  • Let the UVM Career Center know your posting is up by emailing
    • Tell us the specific majors/interest areas you’d like to see among your applicants, and we’ll alert UVM department newsletter managers and Career Center Interest Group leaders of the opportunity
    • We can highlight your post on our platform UVM Connect under specific interest groups


UVM’s Internship MOU

Who signs the MOU?

If you are hosting a UVM intern that has chosen to earn credit for their internship, your organization will be asked to sign the Internship Memorandum of Understanding.  

What is the purpose of the MOU? 

The Internship Memorandum of Understanding defines the responsibilities of the host, UVM, and the intern around learning goals, safety and liability and outlines the terms of the internship arrangement. 

Where can the MOU be viewed and submitted? 

The MOU can be viewed at

The MOU can be signed and submitted using this form.

Questions or concerns regarding the MOU? Contact


Sign the UVM Internship MOU


Not ready to commit to a full internship

Micro-Internships are short term, paid, professional projects that can take place year-round, typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, and are due between one week and one month after kick-off. Micro-internships are a great way to start slowly as you explore the give and take of hosting an intern. The platform and pay is managed by Parker-Dewey, so no onboarding is necessary.

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