Work with a Study Skills tutor

The Study Skills program helps students to become effective and efficient learners. Students can work with us at any point during their academic journey at UVM. Our one-on-one sessions offer topics including, but not limited to:

  • Motivation
  • Time Management
  • Note taking
  • Effective Reading
  • Active Study Systems
  • Study Groups
  • Learning Tech/apps
  • The Learning Brain

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Preparing for Your Exam: How to Get Started

Become a Study Skills tutor

Study skills tutors come from every college and school at the University of Vermont, from any major or program of study. They assist their peers in developing and deploying effective strategies for academic success. They offer advice and guidance on any of the topics listed above, as well as anything and everything related to learning at UVM. 

To prepare students for this role, the Tutoring Center runs a training series each spring. Over the course of several weeks, participants collaborate with their fellow tutors to explore neuroscience and best practices in teaching and learning in order to develop their tutoring capacity. 

The study skills training series is a paid opportunity. It is a required experience for student leadership opportunities in the Tutoring Center. 

Become a Study Skills Tutor