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Welcome to The Tutoring Center!

The Tutoring Center continues to offer tutoring support to all students enrolled in undergraduate level courses. The CDC advises social distancing is the best way to slow the spread of infection. Therefore, our primary mode of communication will be via email. Please contact us at 

In light of the circumstances:

  • The Tutoring Center will be closed and professional staff are working remotely. We as an office continue to be available by email, and services will continue to support students from a distance. 
  • Tutoring will resume during the week of Monday, March 23rd by way of online platforms. Tutoring Center staff will share more details about the format and options for online tutoring as soon as possible.
  • As faculty adjust to online teaching methods, many may introduce new content unfamiliar to your tutors. Tutors will try their best to help students, but may not be able to address every question in these circumstances.
  • Please note: the Tutoring Center is unable to recruit and hire new tutors if we do not currently have a tutor on staff for your course.

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