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Here are some helpful things for you to know before scheduling an appointment:

  • You may NOT work on any graded assignment with a tutor, including homework, projects, etc.
  • Individual tutoring is limited to one hour per week per class, but group tutoring is unlimited - attend as many group tutoring sessions or Supplemental Instruction sessions as you need!
  • Our tutors are students just like you - they are not experts in the field and may not have the answers to all of your questions. The best people for you to see for detailed instruction are your professors and TAs.
  • We expect our tutors to be respectful, responsible, and punctual. The same is expected of you while using our services - please arrive on time prepared with your questions and any materials you may  need.
  • To cancel an appointment, or attempt to reschedule, call or email the Tutoring Center directly at (802) 656-4075 or

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