Sign Language Interpreters

  • Sign Language Interpreters facilitate communication and convey all information between the student with a hearing loss, faculty and peers. Some students prefer to voice for themselves rather than to use the Interpreter. Other students prefer to use the Interpreter for all communication, including voicing and 1:1 interaction. Please respect the student's preference
  • An Interpreter is a professional who has been hired by Student Accessibility Services (SAS). An Interpreter is present to facilitate communication. Having the Interpreter there will allow the student to understand the lecture material and participate in discussions. The Interpreter will not be participating in the class in any other way. If you have questions or issues you would like to discuss with the Interpreter, please wait until after class.
    • In the event an interpreter is not available, the student may be using remote interpreting services.  Remote interpreters serve the same functions listed above; the only difference is they work off-site and listen to the class session via microphone.  The student will be bringing a high quality microphone and screen (i.e. iPad, laptop) in order to access this service.  If remote services are used, Access will be contacting you to assist with the logistics.
  • Interpreters will introduce themselves to you at the beginning of the semester in order to notify you of their role and request the following:
    1. Please add the Interpreters to the class list so they can be notified of any changes in class times or locations.
    2. Please add the Interpreters to Blackboard as a TA/guest so that they can familiarize themselves with the course materials and be prepared for class. If you would like assistance with doing this, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning or visit: Blackboard at UVM
    3. If you use handouts or any other materials in class, please make extra copies for the Interpreters. It is especially helpful to make a copy of anything that will be read aloud in class (ie: quotes from a book, student papers) for both the student and interpreter to follow.
  • Interpreters are not to be used instead of captioning. The student is not able to watch the Interpreter and the video at the same time.
  • Please note that there will be one or two Interpreter(s) in your class who will require a seat. SAS will inform the Registrar's Office regarding the number of additional seats needed. If your classroom is at capacity or over, please contact your Dean’s Office as soon as possible.