Notes Information for Faculty

  • SAS will make every effort to pre-assign a note taker in your course to take notes for students with a hearing loss. Generally, this will be a student already registered for the course. To help with this process, please submit a class roster to as soon as possible. This accommodation is used so that the student can focus their attention on following the lecture by attending to visual cues. Even if you post your notes/Power Points on Blackboard, a student with a hearing loss can sometimes miss crucial information in class. The notes assist in filling in gaps of any missing information and to clarify concepts.
  • Note taking for a Deaf or hard-of-hearing students differs somewhat from the traditional peer note taking process in terms of recruitment and the expected quality of the notes. If you can provide us with a class roster for your course, Student Accessibility Services will generally try to recruit a student from the classroom by offering incentives like UVM Bookstore gift cards, priority course registration, and free printing in our Universal Design Tech Lab on the second floor of Howe Library. We can also pay an hourly rate for students with a federal work-study award.
  • In certain circumstances, SAS may need to hire someone that is not a student in the class. When this happens, the UVM Notes team will contact you to let you know the note taker is not a student. This hired note taker is not to participate in class, answer questions during class or participate in any other way during class time. If you have questions or issues that you would like to discuss with the note taker, please wait until after class.
  • Notes are not a replacement for captioning. The note taker is taking notes, not providing a transcription of live audio.
  • Please note in the event there is a hired Note taker in your class, they will require a seat. SAS will notify the Registrar's Office of the additional seats needed. If your classroom is at capacity or over, please contact your Dean’s Office as soon as possible. SAS has made a note of the added number of seats needed via the Registrar’s office.