The Tutoring Center is for UVM undergraduate students.

We focus on peer-based, one-on-one and group based learning. Here students can improve their study skills and find support for subjects utilizing subject area tutors or the Supplemental Instruction program.

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Request Tutoring for Your Course

Our office tracks tutoring demand trends for all courses throughout UVM’s campus utilizing the academic support request form – allowing us to appropriately prioritize tutor requests, accurately gauge student need/demand and determine a sufficient supply of tutors for the specified course. Please complete a unique tutor request for each student or encourage students to complete the tutor request form independently, indicating the course, their name and UVM email address.

Given that our processes require both a demonstrated student need/demand and supply of viable candidates, we rely on faculty members to: (1) provide a prospective lists of students you would recommend to become a tutor(s) and (2) encourage your prospective tutor list to submit a tutor application, as having an application on file will help us expedite the tutor recruitment process, once active tutor recruitment is reached. We will follow-up with applicants once student demand has reached sufficient demand for active tutor recruitment. Please note: our tutors starting pay is $13.93 per hour and the job description can be found here.


Recommend a Tutor

Subject-Area tutors working in the Tutoring Center are required to obtain a faculty recommendation for each course they wish to tutor.  Of particular interest are students who:

  • Will be at UVM for at least two more semesters
  • Are academically strong in one or more high-demand areas: (Sciences, Math & Statistics, Business & Economics)
  • Have well-developed oral communication skills
  • Have an aptitude for comfortably relating to other people

Questions? Contact Haydee Miranda, Tutoring Center Program Director (802) 656-3569.

Recommend a Tutor