The Tutoring Center is for all students.

We focus on peer-based, one-on-one or group learning. Here students can improve their study skills and find support for subjects from our subject area tutors or our Supplementary Instruction program.

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Request Tutoring for Your Course

We can hire student tutors for your course - just email ( the Tutoring Coordinator. Since we rely on faculty members to recommend tutors from students who have previously been successful in your course please include a list of former students who you would recommend we approach to tutor.  We will follow-up with your students.  Our tutors starting pay is $11.75 per hour and the job description can be found here


Recommend a Tutor

Subject-Area tutors working in the Tutoring Center are required to obtain a faculty recommendation for each course they wish to tutor.  Of particular interest are students who:

  • Will be at UVM for at least two more semesters
  • Are academically strong in one or more high-demand areas: (Sciences, Math & Statistics, Business & Economics)
  • Have well-developed oral communication skills
  • Have an aptitude for comfortably relating to other people

Questions? Contact Christian Berry, Tutoring Center Program Director (802) 656-7964

Recommend a Tutor