Exam Proctoring Center (EPC)

The University of Vermont Exam Proctoring Center (EPC) provides testing accommodations for eligible SAS students and students with temporary disabilities.  The EPC also provides limited Courtesy Exam testing services for students taking non-UVM exams.  The EPC is a National College Testing Association (NCTA) certified test center, operating under the highest standards and procedures for testing.

The Exam Proctoring Center is integrated with the myACCESS web portal for students and faculty.  SAS students enjoy the convenience of submitting and managing test and exam appointments online.  UVM faculty are afforded the ability to manage and approve their students' test and exam scheduling requests, as well as upload exam materials to our secure server.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the University of Vermont Exam Proctoring Center to provide high quality proctoring services for examinees, staff, and faculty.  We maintain accessibility, security, integrity, and confidentiality of the exam materials and testing environment in accordance with the University of Vermont Code of Academic Integrity, the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines, and governmental regulations.

Our Location

Living/Learning A131


Professional Staff: 

  • General administration of the EPC.
  • Supervise Student Staff.
  • Receive and prepare all exams sent to the EPC, for confidentiality of exam materials.
  • Schedule and proctor Courtesy Exams for non-UVM courses or students.

To contact EPC Professional Staff regarding faculty exam materials, submission, retrieval of completed exams, questions, etc., please email us at epc@uvm.edu

To contact EPC Professional Staff regarding student exam scheduling, questions, etc., please email us at epcser@uvm.edu

Student Staff:

  • Assist with facilitating student exam check-in/check-out.
  • Monitor exams in-progress by conducting frequent walk-thoughs of testing area.
  • Serve as Reader and/or Scribe when a student’s accommodation requires.
  • Act as Couriers to deliver completed exams to department faculty.
  • Provide miscellaneous clerical support, as needed.

Student staff are required to attend a training session at the start of each school year to receive education on EPC policies and procedures, as well as support around diversity, disability, and confidentiality.

Meet the EPC Professional Staff

Teremy Garen

EPC Administrative Coordinator 

The EPC Administrative Coordinator is the lead supervisor in the EPC, responsible for executing day-to-day EPC operations and developing and implementing EPC policies and procedures to ensure students with disabilities receive exam accommodations without compromising faculty exam proctoring conditions or UVM policies related to academic integrity.  


Reuben McNeil

EPC Support Specialist

EPC Support Specialists are responsible for general day-to-day administration of the EPC.  This includes receiving and preparing confidential exam materials from faculty to provide to students testing at the EPC, working with students via email or in person to help with scheduling exams at the EPC, and supervising and assisting EPC Student Staff in proctoring in-progress exams.

Technology & Equipment

Software is Microsoft-based and includes:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Google Chrome, Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox browsers (internet disabled, except for online exams)
  • MyMathLab, MyStatLab, ATI
  • Read&Write, Adobe Acrobat Reader, text-to-speech programs

Students whose accommodation(s) or alternate exam format requires use of a computer for access to Microsoft Office, a specific program, or the internet are seated at appropriate stations.  Advance notice of accommodation(s) or alternate exam format is required during the scheduling process to guarantee appropriate seating.

SAS Students

SAS Students with approved exam accommodations from their SAS Specialist are eligible to use the EPC.

SAS Students must:

  • Provide instructors with a copy of their accommodation letters at the beginning of each semester and obtain approval from instructors to use the EPC.  Instructors reserve the right to provide alternate testing accommodations at a location within their department.
  • Students must schedule their exams a minimum of three business days prior to their exam date.  Example: Exams for a Thursday must be fully booked no later than 11:59 PM EST on Monday. 
    We recommend students book all of their exams at the beginning of the semester, as cancellations and rescheduling requests can be handled at a later date.
  • Requests to schedule exams within the three (3) business day deadline will not be prioritized over other EPC responsibilities and on-time requests.  Additional outreach for the same late scheduling request will not expedite the ability of the EPC to schedule your exam.  Please email epcser@uvm.edu once to make a request and your email will be answered in the order in which it is received.  The EPC will do its best to schedule late requests on a case-by-case basis, but the ability to schedule an exam on short notice is not guaranteed.
  • Once the scheduling deadline has passed, there are no guarantees that the EPC will be able to manually schedule the exam at the time of the student or faculty member’s choosing.  Students requesting exams past the scheduling deadline should be prepared, if necessary, to take their exam in class, without accommodations.
  • If a late exam requires faculty flexibility regarding date/time of the exam, the student is responsible for coordinating this with their faculty.  Please note that faculty are not required to provide additional scheduling flexibility for students who fail to schedule on time, nor are they expected to provide SAS accommodations in-class on account of a student’s late scheduling request.
  • Late scheduling requests submitted less than one (1) full business day prior to the requested exam date will not be considered.  The EPC does not conduct same-day nor next-day exam scheduling. (Example: For a late request to be considered for a Wednesday exam, it must be sent to the EPC by 4:00 PM on a Monday, though the ability to schedule that Wednesday exam is not guaranteed.)
  • Exceptions to the late scheduling policy will be made for students who can demonstrate that a faculty member did not provide notice of the exam within at least three (3) business days of the exam date.
  • Exam scheduling requests after the scheduling deadline sent to epcser@uvm.edu must include the following information.  Failure to include any of these details when requesting an exam time will delay the ability of the EPC to schedule it.

                       Course Information, including section (Ex: HST 1010 B)

                       Day and time the student is requesting to schedule (Ex: Friday, 10/6 at 10 AM)

                       Duration of exam for the class (not including extended time)

  • Students requesting to schedule final exams for days/time that differ from the preset final exam schedule must provide the EPC with written faculty approval and submit a booking request through the Finals Scheduling Help Form.


Regular Exam/Midterm Booking Timetable

Exam DayLatest possible time to fully complete booking through myACCESS Portal:
MondayWednesday at 11:59 PM EST of the previous week
TuesdayThursday at 11:59 PM EST of the previous week
WednesdayFriday at 11:59 PM EST of the previous week
ThursdayMonday at 11:59 EST of the same week
FridayTuesday at 11:59 EST of the same week

Spring 2024 Final Exam Booking Deadline:  Friday, April 12, 2024 at 12:00 PM (ET)

*Please note that this timetable is intended to give students a clear sense of the MINIMUM about of time in which to book exams.  Waiting until these deadlines is strongly discouraged and provides no margin for error.  BOOK YOUR EXAMS EARLY AND AVOID THE STRESS AND POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES OF NOT SCHEDULING ON TIME—INCLUDING FORFEITTING YOUR ABILITY TO USE YOUR EXAM ACCOMMODATIONS BASED ON EPC AVAILABILITY.*

Included here is a copy of the conditions to using the EPC that all SAS Students agree to when sending their letters to faculty. 


Temporary Students

Students with a temporary disability or an extended illness that hinders their ability to take exams may be permitted to use the EPC. 

Temporary Students must:

  • Contact the SAS Office to verify your temporary disability and obtain appropriate permissions to use our services.
    • Call (802) 656-7753
    • Visit Living/Learning A170
  • Discuss use of the EPC with your instructor and obtain instructor permission, prior to submitting an exam scheduling request.
  • Send your Accomodation Letters to faculty several days ahead of scheduling.
  • Schedule exam requests a minimum of three (3) business days in advance, if possible, via the myACCESS student web portal.  Visit the EPC with scheduling questions or concerns in order to recieve scheduling help from EPC staff.
    • Indicate any special accommodations needed (i.e. computer, scribe, etc.)

Non-Eligible Students

The EPC does not have space nor resources necessary to accommodate students who are not eligible for our services, or eligible students who do not schedule their exam(s) in advance.  Instructors should NOT send students to the EPC for testing without contacting the EPC first.

The EPC does NOT provide proctoring services for: varsity or club athletes, academic team members, International or USPP students, UVM students with travel plans that conflict with scheduled exams, or UVM students with class/lab conflicts that interfere with scheduled exams.  Students who must take exams outside of scheduled exam times and who do not fall into one of the EPC-eligible student categories must make arrangements with their instructor to take their tests, independent of the EPC.

EPC Usage Guidelines

Successful use of the EPC requires adherence to our Exam Proctoring Center Rules & Conditions and the University of Vermont’s Code of Academic Integrity.  Students must also adhere to the EPC Agreement, which must be agreed to when students are sending their Accommodation Letters to their faculty. 

These guidelines should be reviewed at the start of each semester.  Any questions or concerns regarding your rights and responsibilities surrounding EPC use should be addressed with EPC Staff and/or your SAS Specialist.

Any student testing at the EPC will be required to show their CatCard or other form of photo identification when checking in for their exams.  Students should arrive five minutes ahead of their scheduled start time prepared to present their ID – this will expedite the check-in process for all students.

Surveillance equipment is in operation during testing hours.  If EPC staff suspect any breach in test integrity or other suspicious behavior the EPC will report ALL incidents to faculty and surveillance footage may be reviewed.  In more serious cases, the Center for Student Conduct may become involved, at the instructor's discretion.

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty are welcome to contact the Exam Proctoring Center (EPC) at any time with questions regarding implementing testing accommodations.  Our job is to support faculty in providing qualifying students with their accommodations, as described in the SAS Accommodations Letters.  Instructors may choose to make arrangements for students with testing accommodations to take their exams in an environment that meets their accommodation needs outside of the EPC (i.e., Faculty office).  Therefore, students with SAS accommodations are not required to test at the EPC, but faculty often use our services in order to provide a testing location that meets the accommodation needs of their students.  We encourage faculty to send students with SAS accommodations to the EPC so we can provide support in administering the testing accommodations required for the student to gain equal access to the testing environment. 

It is important that instructors review and understand the following information and responsibilities when working with the EPC.

Exam Materials

If faculty decide to use the EPC, we would appreciate all exam materials and instructions to be submitted a minimum of 24-hours in advance of the student(s)’ scheduled exam time.  In the event that we have not recieved test materials by 20 minutes past the exam's start time, the student and faculty must work together to either reschedule at the EPC or make alternative arrangements outside of the EPC.  Exam materials may be submitted one of the following ways.  Please do NOT use Campus Mail, as on-time delivery is not assured.  If the exam is online (i.e., Blackboard, Brightspace, Moodle, Canvas, etc.) the EPC still requires proctoring conditions to be submitted to ensure the test be taken as the instructor intended. 

  • Submit exam materials online via myACCESS Web Portal (preferred method of exam submission)
  • Email exam materials to secure account: epc@uvm.edu
  • Deliver to EPC: Living/Learning A131
  • Fax to (802) 656-0739 (Attn: Exam Proctoring Center)
  • Student may bring exam to their appointment in a sealed envelope (instructors should inform the EPC in advance)

Exam Completion & Return

Exams will be delivered by EPC Staff Couriers to the department office, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.  Exams will be delivered in a sealed secure transport envelope and require a signature of receipt by a department representative or the instructor, unless otherwise specified below.  Couriers may not leave completed exams without a signature or slide completed exams under office doors.

Completed exams may be returned any of the following ways, by instructor preference:

  • EPC Courier: exams delivered to department office, or specified campus location.
  • Hold for Instructor Pick-up: instructors may pick up exams Monday-Friday anytime between 9:00 AM-3:00 PM OR Monday-Thursday between 3:00-9:00 PM, by appointment.
  • Scan/email: exams, format permitting, may be scanned/emailed to specified email address (no signature required; confirmation of email receipt requested).

Exams completed before 2:00 PM will (in most cases, staff availability pending) be returned by EPC Couriers the same day.  Exams completed after 2:00 PM will be returned by EPC Couriers at the start of the next business day.  As EPC Couriers will only release completed exams to a qualified representative who is physically present to receive and sign for the exams, timely delivery is dependent upon a courier's ability to make contact with a representative in your department (the EPC does not leave exams in mailboxes or slid under faculty office doors, even by request.  This is in an effort to maintain exam security and keep updated records of exam return).  If a qualified representative is not present for several return attempts in a row, EPC staff may scan and email exam returns to faculty instead. 


Surveillance equipment is in operation during testing hours.  If EPC Staff suspect any breach in test integrity or other suspicious behavior, the EPC will report ALL incidents to faculty and the Center for Student Conduct and surveillance footage may be reviewed.  Students and faculty are encouraged to contact the EPC at epc@uvm.edu with any questions or concerns about our surveillance and academic integrity policies and procedures.

Courtesy Exams

The Exam Proctoring Center (EPC) at the University of Vermont can provide proctoring services as a courtesy for other educational institutions or organizations, as our schedule permits. 

The EPC cannot proctor Courtesy Exams during the University of Vermont academic year while classes are in session.  For the Spring 2024 semester, the EPC can proctor Courtesy Exams only during Spring Recess (March 11–15, 2024).  We will begin offering Courtesy Exam testing again on May 20, 2024 through August 9, 2024.

The EPC has the capabilities to administer computer-based (on- or off-line), listening, and paper-based exams.  All exams will be administered according the sponsoring institution, organization, or instructor specifications and instructions.  All Courtesy Exams must be scheduled at least two (2) weeks prior to the requested test date.

Proctoring Fee

Our fee for proctoring non-UVM exams is $40/hour with a 1-hour minimum, payable to ‘UVM’ by cash ONLY.

  • We charge a $40/hour flat fee for the first hour of testing. For every additional 15-minute increment breached, an additional $10 will be added to the total amount owed. This payment is due upfront and in full for the scheduled length of the exam. 
  • Payment is due at the time of services.  Failure to provide payment will result in exam materials being withheld until payment is recieved. 
  • UVM students or alumni using the EPC and our services for a non-UVM course are responsible for the fee.

Courtesy Exam Scheduling

Courtesy Exams are administered by appointment only. 

Exam times are available Monday - Friday, between the hours of 9:00 AM-3:00 PM, as our schedule permits.  Should you require an appointment at a time outside of the hours listed, please inquire with your specific request for scheduling consideration.

To schedule an appointment:

  • Email epc@uvm.edu, with your contact information, requested date and time, allotted exam length, course information and sponsoring organization contact.
  • Or call (802) 656-5767 to speak with one of our Coordinators.

Exam Materials

It is the responsibility of the examinee to notify their school or organization of their scheduled appointment and to request exam materials be sent to the Exam Proctoring Center in advance of the requested exam date.

Should your school or organization require further confirmation of the University of Vermont’s Exam Proctoring Center as your testing site, please send any forms epc@uvm.edu with return information and we will provide any requested information.

Exam materials may be submitted by your school or organization by the following methods:

  • Via Email to epc@uvm.edu
  • Via USPS / UPS / FedEx (allow 5-7 business days for delivery) to:
  • UVM Exam Proctoring Center
  • 633 Main Street
  • Living/Learning A170
  • Burlington, VT 05405-0386
  • Via Fax to (802) 656-0739 (Attn: Exam Proctoring Center)

On Test-Day

Materials to bring with you to your scheduled appointment:

  • Photo ID
  • Proper form of payment (cash or check ONLY)
  • Any necessary materials, pre-approved by your sponsoring organization (writing utensil, calculator, notes, formula sheets, etc.)

Allow yourself additional time to find our location if this is your first time using our services and/or you are unfamiliar with UVM’s campus.

Visitor Parking is located on the upper level of Gutterson Fieldhouse Parking Garage, off of Spear Street.  We are located in Living/Learning A-building, room A131.  Please review the map below for our location (A) and Gutterson Fieldhouse Parking (P):


Contact Us

Exam Proctoring Center

University of Vermont
633 Main Street
Living/Learning A131
Burlington, VT 05405

Email: epc@uvm.edu

Phone: (802) 656-5767
Fax: (802) 656-0739 (attn: EPC)


Academic Semester Hours
Monday-Thursday (8:00 AM-9:00 PM)
Friday (8:00 AM-4:30 PM)

Summer Hours
Monday-Friday (8:30 AM-4:00 PM)

Exams are by appointment only.  Daily hours subject to change.