Gund Fellow, Professor, Department of Biology

Nicholas J. Gotelli is a Professor of Biology at UVM. His research on plants and invertebrates addresses how populations and communities are assembled and organized in space and time. His published books include Null Models in Ecology (1996; with Gary Graves), A Primer of Ecology (2008; 4th edition), A Primer of Ecological Statistics (2012; 2nd edition; with Aaron Ellison), and the R package EcoSimR (2015; with Ted Hart and Aaron Ellison).

Current research topics include the ecophysiology and demography of carnivorous plants and their responses to atmospheric nitrogen deposition; nutrient enrichment, hysteresis and collapse of aquatic food webs; species interactions of ground-foraging ants and their responses to experimental warming; the measurement and analysis of species richness, biodiversity, and ecosystem function; and simulation modeling of community assembly and dis-assembly.


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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Biodiversity, climate change, demography, null models, species distribution modeling, carnivorous plants, ants


  • PhD, Florida State University
  • MS, Florida State University
  • BA, University of California, Berkeley


  • 802-656-0450
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