Gund Fellow, Assistant Professor, Community Development and Applied Economics

Daniel Tobin is a rural sociologist who is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Development and Applied Economics at UVM. Theoretically interested in the political economy of agricultural development, his research focuses on how smallholder farmers respond to external influences like market forces, policy mechanisms, and environmental changes. With particular interest in the seed systems of smallholders and their conservation of landrace varieties, Tobin has projects in Peru, Mexico, Vermont, and Uganda.

In the classroom, Tobin also focuses on topics of rural and agricultural development, teaching large introductory lecture courses as well as a travel course to Peru in which students contribute to ongoing research on smallholders while partnering with a local NGO. 



Associations and Affiliations

  • Assistant Professor, Community Development and Applied Economics
  • Affiliated Faculty, UVM Food Systems
  • Rural Sociology Society
Gund Fellow Dan Tobin

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Agricultural development, rural sociology, in situ conservation, seed systems


  • PhD, Dual-title in Agricultural and Extension Education and International Agriculture and Development, The Pennsylvania State University
  • MS, Agricultural and Extension Education, The Pennsylvania State University
  • BA, Religion, Bowdoin College


Office Location:

101 Morrill Hall