Assistant Professor

Daniel Tobin utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to understand the complexities of agricultural development. Basing his research in rural and development sociology, he focuses primarily on smallholder farmers and how they are in dynamic interplay with market forces, policy mechanisms, and environmental changes. He holds a dual-title Ph.D. from Penn State in Agricultural and Extension Education and International Agriculture and Development. Most recently, he instructed and coordinated the International Agriculture minor at Penn State University. As an educator, he is committed to an integrative approach that allows students to engage in critical and systems thinking, opportunities for research and service learning, and the application of scholarly skills.


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  • Thorn, K., Tobin, D., Radhakrishna, R., Chatrchyan, A., Chan, J., & Allred, S. (2017). Usefulness of delivery methods for climate change programming: Perspectives of extension and research faculty. Journal of Extension, 55(5). Accessed at:
  • Tobin, D., Radhakrishna, R., Chatrchyan, A.M., Allred, S.B., & Chan, J. (2017). Addressing climate change impacts on agriculture and natural resources: Barriers and priorities for land-grant universities in the Northeastern U.S. Weather, Climate and Society, 9(3), 591- 606.
  • Jones, K., Tobin, D., & Bloom, J.D. (2017). Double movement in hybrid governance: Contestations in market-oriented agricultural development. Sociology of Development,  3(2), 95-115. 
  • Chatrchyan, A.M., Erlebacher, R.C., Chaopricha, N.T., Chan, J., Tobin, D., & Allred, S.B. (2017, online first). United States agricultural stakeholder views and decisions on climate change. WIREs Climate Change. 
  • Tobin, D., Bates, R., Brennan, M., & Gill, T. (2016, online first). Peru potato potential: Value chain development and biodiversity conservation. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems.
  • Tobin, D, Glenna, L., & Devaux. A. (2016). Pro-poor? Inclusion and exclusion in native potato value chains in the central highlands of Peru. Journal of Rural Studies, 46, 71-80.
  • Tobin, D., Brennan, M., & Radhakrishna, R. (2016). Food access and pro-poor value chains: A community case study in the central highlands of Peru. Agriculture and Human Values, 33, 895-909.

Associations and Affiliations

  • Rural Sociology
  • Agriculture and Human Values
  • Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development
Dan Tobin

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

agricultural development, food systems, development sociology, rural sociology, program evaluation


  • Ph.D., Penn State
  • M.S., Penn State
  • B.A., Bowdoin College


Office Location:

101 Morrill Hall

Office Hours:

By Appointment

Courses Taught

  • CDAE 002: World Food, Population, and Sustainable Development
  • CDAE 171: Community and International Economic Transformation
  • CDAE 326: Community Economic Development