Gund Affiliate, Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dr. Andrea Etter is an assistant professor in the department of Nutrition and Food Sciences where she works on understanding the factors that lead to foodborne outbreaks, both from the bacterial and human angles. Drawing on her experience of homesteading in rural WI as a child, Andrea is particularly interested in the biosecurity risks associated with homesteading and backyard farming, and in improving outreach and education to this under-reached group.

Current projects include:
• Understanding how common Salmonella is in backyard laying hens and hatchling chicks and what owners know about biosecurity and best practices to avoid catching Salmonella from their birds
• Determining the importance of sanitizer tolerance and biofilm formation capability to Listeria monocytogenes colonization of Vermont dairies and cheesemaking facilities
• Understanding whether bacterial stress tolerance is a key contributing factor to foodborne outbreaks of Salmonella enterica


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Gund Affiliate Andrea Etter

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Food safety, microbiology, homesteading biosecurity, foodborne outbreaks, risk communication 


  • PhD, Interdisciplinary Life Sciences, Purdue University
  • BS, Biology, Maranatha Baptist University


  • 802-656-0541