Assistant Professor

Andrea Etter is an assistant professor of food safety in the Nutrition and Food Sciences Department at UVM. She studies bacterial food safety with an emphasis on understanding the intrinsic bacterial factors which contribute to foodborne outbreaks of salmonellosis and listeriosis. Having grown up on a small homestead in the Midwest, she is also interested in how to communicate food safety better to small farmers, homesteaders, and fans of the rural lifestyle. In her free time she enjoys hiking, skiing, horseback riding, and fiber arts.


  • Etter, A.J., West, A.M., Burnett, J.L., Wu, S.T., Veenhuizen, D., Ogas, R.A., Oliver, H.F.  2019. Salmonella Heidelberg food isolates associated with a foodborne outbreak have enhanced stress tolerance capabilities. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 85(16)
  • Etter, A.J.,* Hammons, S.R.,* Simmons, C., Roof, S, Wu, T., Cook, P.W., Katubig, A., Stasiewicz M.J., Wright, E., Worchocki, S., Thesmar, H.S., Hollingworth, J., Wiedmann, M., and Oliver, H.F. 2017. Enhanced sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs) have limited impact on Listeria monocytogenes prevalence in retail delis. J. Food Prot. 80(11): 1903-1912 *These authors contributed equally to this work.
  • Hammons, S. R., Etter, A.J., Wang, J., Wu, T., Ford, T., Howard, M.T., and Oliver H.F. 2017. Evaluation of third-party deep cleaning as a Listeria monocytogenes control strategy in retail delis. J. Food Prot. 80(11): 1913-1923
  • Wang, J.,* Ray, A.J.,* Hammons, S.R., and Oliver, H.F. Persistent and transient Listeria monocytogenes strains from retail deli environments vary in their ability to adhere and form biofilms and rarely have inlA premature stop codons. Foodborne Pathog. Dis. 2015; 12(2): 151-158 *These authors contributed equally to this work

Invited Book Chapters:

  • Assisi, C., Etter, A.J., and Oliver, H.F. 2018. Use and Impacts of Whole Genome Sequencing. p. 309-322.  In Ricke et al. (ed.), Food and Feed Safety Systems and Analysis. Press (Elsevier), London.

Published Datasets:

  • Etter, A.J., Oliver H.F. Comparison of gene expression profiles for heat-shocked and non-heat shocked stationary phase samples from heat tolerant isolates R1-0006 and R1-0007 and reference strain SL476. NCBI GEO. Available at: 


Awards and Recognition

  • USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture-Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (NIFA-AFRI) Predoctoral Research Fellowship. 2016-2018. Award No.: 2017-67011-26041
  • International Association for Food Protection Developing Scientist Awards Technical Talk Competition First Place Award (2017).

Associations and Affiliations

International Association for Food Protection

Andrea Etter, PhD, Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Food Safety and Food Microbiology


  • PhD, Food Science, Purdue University, 2017
  • BS, Biology, Maranatha Baptist University, 2011


  • 802-656-0541
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230 Marsh Life Science

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Courses Taught

  • NFS 295: Global Food Safety