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Learning Through Experience in the Field

We emphasize hands-on learning, student teaching experiences, and a variety of professional pathways. Building on academic and field experiences, our students develop the knowledge and skills needed for designing and implementing developmentally appropriate programs for youth. Our program emphasizes the importance and effect of physical activity and exercise on the health and well-being of all individuals, and expands into related areas such as coaching and leadership.

You can choose to enroll in our Exercise and Sport Science Concentration (see below), Coaching Minor (see below), or the Sports Management Minor.

Exercise and Sport Science Concentration

Education students in the college are required to take an additional area of focus as part of their undergraduate experience. Our Exercise and Sport Science Major Concentration allows you to pursue further study in areas of athletic performance, coaching, strength and conditioning and general sports science, beyond the typical licensure requirement courses. The concentration focuses more on elements of improving athletic performance through more in-depth study of research, coaching styles, strength and conditioning and nutrition.

Coaching Minor

Our Coaching Minor provides a series of courses in preparation for coaching sports activities at any age or skill level. The minor gives you knowledge and skills regarding age-appropriate exercise, coaching methods and ethics, instructional techniques, and practical coaching experiences. Classes include philosophies of coaching, coaching ethics and legal issues, and the science of strength training and conditioning. See Coaching Minor Requirements for more information.

Teaching Certificate Reciprocity

UVM's nationally accredited teacher education programs enjoy reciprocity with over 50 other states and Canadian provinces, so you will be ready to teach almost anywhere. See our Licensure page for more information.

Major Requirements

Overview & Requirements

Sample 4-Year Plan

EDPE 055: Special Topics I (Games Education)3EDHE 146: Personal Health3
ENGS 001: Written Expression3RMS 157: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injury3
EDSP 005: D2: Issues Affecting Persons with Disabilities3QR: Quantitative Reasoning3
HDFS 005: Human Development3ECLD 056: D1: Language Policy Issues, Race and School3
Humanities3EDFS 002: School and Society3
Learning Community Course (LC)1 - 3  
Semester Total:16 - 18Semester Total:15
ANPS 019: Undergraduate Human Anatomy and Physiology4EDFS 203: History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Education3
EDPE 055: Special Topics I (Fitness Education)3ANPS 020: Undergraduate Human Anatomy and Physiology4
HST 011: US History to 1865
3EDPE 104: Physical Education Teaching Experience4
SU: Sustainability Course3Elective4
PSYS 001: Intro to Psychological Sciences3  
Semester Total:16Semester Total:13
EDPE 166: Kinesiology3EDPE 155: Physical Education in Secondary School4
EDPE 220: Sports in Society3EXSC 240: Motor Skill Learning and Control3
EDPE 105: Physical Education Teaching Experience4EDPE 191: Independent Study3
EXSC 260: Adapted Physical Activity3EDPE 230: Philosophy of Coaching3
EDPE 023: American Red Cross Emergency Response3  
Semester Total:16Semester Total:13
EDPE 167: Exercise Physiology4EDPE 181: Student Teaching12
EDPE 055: Special Topics I (Methods of Dance and Gymnastics)3EDPE 182: Student Teaching Seminar2
EDPE 265: Exercise and Sports Science3  
EDPE 267: Science of Strength Training and Conditioning3  
Semester Total:16Semester Total:14



Is UVM's Physical Education Program for you?

  • Strong student teacher practicum experiences
  • Hands-on, interactive learning
  • Small class sizes
  • Easy access to faculty and academic advising
  • Varied licensure, concentration and minor pathways

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  • Physical Educator
  • Coaching
  • Sports Management

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