An App to Crack the Teen Exercise Code

A new mobile game, co-created by CESS researcher Bernice Garnett, aims to encourage teens to exercise with virtual rewards. Here's how it works...

A Day in the Life of UVM

How do you measure the pulse of a university? Through one day and many details...

Research Team Studies School Support for Students with Diverse Learning Needs

Find out how CESS researchers are studying school-based decision making teams.

State Collaboration Inspires New Education and Social Services Dean

Meet CESS Dean Scott Thomas.

The College of Education and Social Services (CESS) prepares outstanding professionals in education, social work, and human services. We are passionate and deeply committed to student engagement and success within a culture of academic excellence, innovation, experiential learning, and social justice.

Through ongoing faculty-student mentoring and scholarship, diverse field experiences and meaningful service learning opportunities, students are uniquely positioned to make a profound impact on the world by improving lives, strengthening communities, and effecting societal change.