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"I would say prospective students coming to this program at UVM should be ready for a lot of field experience from almost the moment you start, but they should also be aware that it's not overwhelming. You're prepared very well to do it, and it's a very supportive atmosphere. It's a great program if you want to become the best teacher you can be."  Gage Sironi '19

Immerse yourself in the excitement and wonder of the middle school teaching profession. If you’ve spent time with kids this age, you know that they are energetic, curious and funny. Our award-winning program prepares you to create engaging curriculum and learning environments that are responsive to the needs of young adolescents.

Our Unique Approach

Drawing on our distinctive Vermont context, the following core themes are central to our curriculum:

  • Experiential learning in middle school classrooms beginning in your first year
  • Place-based, problem-based, and project-based learning
  • Social justice and sustainability education to engage young adolescents in democratic citizenship
  • Best practices addressing the nature and needs of young adolescents
  • Interdisciplinary teaching approaches that promote student voice in their learning
  • Personalized, proficiency-based curriculum designed to support your learning and growth

“The program is so focused on equitable teaching, individualized learning, and social-emotional learning. It strikes a really good balance. We have a proficiency-based system in Vermont, and a progressive mindset about education. We’re preparing students to be proficient citizens, not just to ace tests.”  See why Camilla Thomassen-Tai ('20) is excited about our program and her future as a middle level educator. 

Commitment to Your Success

Enjoy ongoing support and mentoring from award-winning faculty and through our cohort model. We make it easy to develop enduring connections with classmates, faculty, and mentor teachers in the field.

Deeply committed to your success as a future middle school teacher, we strive to connect you with our vibrant local and national middle level community. Opportunities abound with our Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, the Middle Grades Collaborative, and the chance to attend regional and national conferences.

Multiple Licensure Pathways and High Job Placement Rate

In our highly individualized program, you can choose two of the four following areas of concentration: English, Math, Social Studies and Science. In addition, you can pursue minors leading to licensure in Special Education or Education for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity. You may also choose to earn a certificate in place-based education.

Our graduates enjoy a high placement rate in Vermont and around the country. Because UVM's nationally accredited teacher education programs enjoy reciprocity with many other states and provinces, you will be prepared to teach almost anywhere. See our Licensure page for more information.

Explore the World

Study abroad for a semester in beautiful New Zealand, including an internship in an Auckland intermediate school and courses at Auckland University of Technology.  You can also explore study abroad opportunities in England, Finland, France, Hawaii, Portugal (the Azores) and more. Learn more about resources and support for students by visiting UVM's Office of International Education.

Accelerated Master's Program (AMP)

Our Accelerated Master's Program (AMP) is a great pathway that can lead you to complete a master's degree and gain licensure to teach in just one year. Students apply during their junior year. We also offer accelerated master's degree pathways in Special Education, Educational Leadership, and Counseling.

Major requirements


Is UVM's Middle Level Education Program for you?

Our nationally recognized program is distinguished by:

  • Experiential learning in the field beginning in the first year
  • Place-based, problem-based, and project-based learning
  • Social justice and sustainability education
  • Personalized, proficiency-based curriculum
  • Multiple licensure options
  • Global study abroad and research opportunities

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Graduate employment rate


of CESS graduates were employed or continuing their education within six months of graduating (2017-2019).


  • Middle Level Teacher
  • English Language Learner (ELL) Educator
  • Special Educator
  • Non-Profit Sector Administrator/Manager
  • Peace Corps Volunteer

Where alumni work

  • Teaching Fellow, Citizen Schools, Boston, MA
  • Middle School Humanities Teacher, Peoples Academy, Morrisville, VT
  • Math Teacher, Lake County High School, Leadville, Colorado
  • Graduate Student, University of Vermont
  • Youth and Family Field Specialist in Science, Durham, NH
  • Middle School Science and Math Teacher, Browns River Middle School, Underhill, VT

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