Teaching intern works with two students in a local school classroom

Discover our distinctive approach to preparing responsible professionals who are ready to support diverse populations. Our ROPA accredited program features innovative coursework and hands-on learning founded on research-based practices, sustainability, inclusion, and social justice.

Diverse Field Experiences and Student Teaching Internships

Field experiences begin in the second year — our signature "early and often" approach. Student teaching internships are available with our community partners, where you will work in diverse, inclusive settings with children and families while supported by dedicated faculty and mentor teachers.

Evidence-Based Practice and Research Opportunities

Scholars leave our program with the skills needed to access research-based evidence and to judge its value to serve children and families with diverse needs. Our professors have extensive experience in special education, both in practice and in research. Faculty research contributes to the use of evidence-based practices in special education and informs our curriculum and teaching methods. There are always opportunities for students to participate in exciting research projects with faculty or through independent study.

Prepare to Teach Anywhere

Our ROPA accredited program enjoys the benefits of reciprocity with many other states and provinces, so you can teach nearly anywhere. See our Licensure page for more information.

Global Study Abroad

If you want to explore other cultures around the world, we offer exciting study abroad opportunities in Costa Rica, France, New Zealand, Portugal (Azores Islands), and other countries around the world. UVM's Office of International Education provides a full range of support services to assist you.


Enrollment for this program begins Fall 2024. Coursework and major requirements will be posted in the UVM calalogue when available.

What You Can Expect

  • Field placements in diverse, multicultural communities
  • Research and study abroad opportunities
  • Personalized advising and support



cessstsv@uvm.edu / 802-656-3468

Graduate employment rate



  • Special Educator
  • Developmental Educator
  • Program Coordinator
  • Family and Child Advocate
  • Special Education Coordinator
  • Special Education Leadership