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Why are students excited about UVM's Elementary Education Program?

"Probably the most interesting and rewarding experience I've had would be my student teaching. That was such an affirming experience and really helped me feel that education was the right place to be. I worked with a wonderful mentor teacher in a class of 20 second graders for a full semester, and during that time I really felt like I was coming into my own as a teacher."  Grace Colbert '18

Multiple Field Placements in Diverse Settings

Throughout our program, you will link theory with practice by participating in at least four community-based experiences with our partner schools. Professional coursework begins during your first year. In your second and third year, professional courses link with field experiences where you observe teachers, learn best practices, and plan literacy, math and inquiry experiences for science and social studies. These experiences culminate in a full-semester teaching internship during your final year.

Dual Certification/Endorsement and Minors

Interested in special education? You can choose to complete our Special Education minor or dual certification. Dual certification provides the opportunity to earn teaching licenses in both elementary education and special education. Another option is our Education for Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (ECLD) minor, which provides certification to teach English Language Learners (ELL). We also offer minors in Coaching and Human Development and Family Studies.

Prepare to Teach Anywhere

Students completing UVM's nationally accredited teacher education programs enjoy reciprocity with over 50 other states and Canadian provinces, so you can teach almost anywhere. See our Licensure page for more information.

Global Study Abroad

You will have the opportunity to study for a semester in New Zealand at Auckland University of Technology and participate in a student teaching internship in a local school. You can also choose to study abroad in England, Finland, France, Hawaii, Portugal (the Azores), and many other places.

Graduate Study including Accelerated Master’s Degree Programs (AMPs)

There are many opportunities to further your education at UVM. You can pursue our accelerated master's degree programs (AMP) in Special Education, Educational Leadership, or Counseling. We also offer graduate programs in Curriculum and Instruction, Disability Studies, Higher Education and Student Affairs, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Social Work. Many of our graduate programs offer an accelerated master's degree option.

Major Requirements

Overview & Requirements

Sample 4-Year Plan

Fall Credits Spring Credits
EDEL 024: Learners and the Learning Process 3 EDFS 002: School and Society 3
EDSP 005: D2: Issues Affecting Persons with Disabilities 3 ECLD 056: D1: Language Policy Issues, Race and School 3
ENGS 001: Written Expression 3 MATH 016: QR: Fundamentals of Elementary School Math 3
MATH 015: QR: Elementary School Math 3 HST 011: US History to 1865 3
Learning Community Course (LC) 1 - 3 EDEL 159: Integrating the Arts 3
Elective 3    
Semester Total: 16 - 18 Semester Total: 15
Fall Credits Spring Credits
EDEL 178: Meeting Needs of Diverse Learners 3 EDTE 074: SU: Science of Sustainability 3
EDEL 056: Teachers and the Teaching Process 3 ENGS 022: Seminar in British Literature II 3
ASL 001: American Sign Language I 3 HST 012: US History since 1865 3
BIOL 003: Human Biology 3 STAT 111: QR: Elements of Statistics 3
MATH 017: QR: Applications of Finite Math 3 NFS 043: Fundamentals of Nutrition 3
Semester Total: 15 Semester Total: 15
Fall Credits Spring Credits
EDEL 157: SU: Social Education and Social Studies 3 EDEL 156: Teaching Math for Meaning 3
EDEL 158: Teaching Science for Meaning 3 EDEL 177: Children’s Literature and Literacy 3
EDEL 155: Lab Experience in Inquiry 3 EDEL 175: Lab Experience in Literacy 3
Content Area Coursework 3 EDEL 176: Language Arts and Literacy Skills 3
POLS 021: American Political System 3 Content Area Coursework 3
Semester Total: 15 Semester Total: 15
Fall Credits Spring Credits
EDEL 287: Planning, Adapting and Delivering Lit. Instruction 3 EDEL 288: Principles of Classroom Management 3
EDHE 146: Personal Health 3 EDEL 285: Student Teaching Internship 12
SOC 001: SU: Introduction to Sociology 3    
Electives 6    
Semester Total: 15 Semester Total: 15



Is UVM's Elementary Education Program for you?

Our program is distinguished by:

  • Multiple field placements with different grade levels in diverse settings
  • Dual certification/endorsement
  • Multiple minor options
  • Personalized academic advising
  • Global study and research opportunities

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Graduate employment rate


of CESS graduates were employed or continuing their education within six months of graduating (2016-2018).


  • Elementary Teacher (K - 6)
  • English Language Learner (ELL) Educator
  • Special Educator
  • Educational Specialist
  • Environmental Educator

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