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"I believe that the UVM Interdisciplinary Studies graduate program has been the single, greatest catalyst to help me develop the courage and reassurance to pursue my life's calling." -John Aellig, CEO and Founder of The Center for Sustained Peace

Welcome to the self-designed Interdisciplinary Studies in Education master’s degree program at UVM. Student in our program represent a variety of professions in higher education, public and private school education, social and human services, business, health care, government, non-profit organizations, and more.

Our students see themselves as educators in the broadest sense of the term. They coach, train, workshop, lecture, teach, write, advise, mentor, guide, administer, lead, and inspire. They join and innovate new approaches to social justice and community building. They realize that interdisciplinary studies deepens, enlarges, and enriches their theory and practice. They understand that educational professionals live and work in an interdisciplinary world, and few if any problems get solved by a single academic discipline. Like all educational programs at UVM, this program offers students opportunities to advance their educational and professional aspirations and engage in strategies for improving their communities.


Visit our CESS Graduate Tuition Scholarships and the Graduate College Funding webpage to learn more about financial awards available to qualified applicants (prospective students and current students).

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning to critically and collaboratively read and evaluate scholarly writing
  • Engaging in collaborative conversations and projects related social justice, ethics, and education
  • Enhancing and developing ideas and research strategies in interdisciplinary studies
  • Learning how to write and revise scholarly writing


Professor Cris Mayo is the program director and advisor for Interdisciplinary Studies students and welcomes inquiries about this innovative master's degree program at You can also email general inquires to