Let's make sure your time HERE helps get you THERE...
(wherever "there" may be)


This is the big picture of the essential steps to graduating career-ready.  Every path is different, and most are winding. There are multiple ways to get where you to go – and very few Wrong steps – so don't be shy and start stepping! There’s a strong network of faculty, staff and alum who've got your back.


Get Started

Exploration is key! Start your journey by discovering more about yourself, UVM and the range of opportunities available.
                        ~ ~ ~

Gain Experience / Connections

Experience is essential! Try out fields of interest; develop "career" skills; and learn from people doing interesting work.
                       ~ ~ ~

Gear Up to Graduate

Applying is the name of the game! As you set your sights on what’s next, take care not to let senioritis crash your GPA...
                        ~ ~ ~

  • Update your online profiles & connect with folks via LinkedIn & UVMConnect 
  • Find jobs & expand your network through professional associations & conferences 
  • Include your advancing competencies in your revised resume & elevator pitch.
  • Prepare 2-3 stories that illustrate key strengths to confidently use in interviews
  • Organize your job search strategy - OR- apply to Graduate programs
  • Take CQ-4

Career Quiz (CQ)

These year-by-year quizzes help keep you on track by identifying doable next steps for wherever you're at.

Think Buzzfeed.  These quick Career Quizzes help you follow The Roadmap with tailored suggestions for your next steps.  While they won’t tell you which Marvel character you are, they are just that easy.

CQ-1  |   CQ-2 |   CQ-3

CQ-4 UNDER CONSTRUCTION & coming soon... 

It's never too early or too late - you just need a next step to get you on your way...

Email: career@uvm.edu for an alternative version as needed.


Career Boost

Looking for more guided structure to walk you through each step?

Our twice-annual CAREER BOOST provides a week of career readiness workshops that address common questions about the job search process - perfect for anyone who has put off career preparation or is eager to get started early. Sessions cover everything from finding jobs to negotiating salaries. 

It's never too late or too early to get career-ready! Career Boost is open to all students at any stage of preparation.