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Accelerated Master’s Pathways

The College of Education and Social Services (CESS) offers several Accelerated Master's Pathways (AMPs) to undergraduate students at UVM. The AMP allows early admission to graduate studies with up to 9 credits double-counted toward both the bachelor's and master’s degrees. 

Accelerated master’s degrees allow you to save money and complete a graduate degree in less time, meaning quicker entry into a variety of professions. For many positions in education and social services, entry into the profession with a master’s degree means starting higher on the salary scale.

Who is Eligible?

UVM undergraduate students in any major who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Junior or Senior standing
  • Have an expressed interest in advanced learning and professional preparation in education and social services
  • Currently have or will soon possess sufficient prerequisite coursework specific to the graduate program of interest

What AMPs are available in CESS?

Visit the web page of your choice to learn more about each program.

Course Prerequisites and Degree Requirements

Prospective students should consult with the Graduate Program Coordinator for the particular program to determine the prerequisites (see table below for links). Students that do not meet pre-requisites may be given conditional admission to the AMP, but would have to complete these courses in addition to the credits applied to the Master's degree.

CESS Accelerated Master's Degree Pathways (AMPs)
CESS Graduate ProgramGRE Required?Credit HoursLeads to State Licensure?Program Coordinator
Counseling (M.S.) *currently suspendedNo60YesLance Smith
Educational Leadership & Policy Studies (M.Ed.)No33NoCris Mayo
Middle Level Education (M.A.T.)No33-37YesKathleen Brinegar
Secondary Education (M.A.T.)No31YesKathleen Brinegar
Special Education (M.Ed.)No30-36YesKelly Swindlehurst

Application Procedures

Step 1

Please contact the appropriate Program Coordinator (see email links for each of them in the table above) to learn more about the program. You will need to complete the AMP permission form required by the UVM Graduate College. Completion of this form is part of the academic advising process particular to each AMP and learn what graduate courses may be taken while an undergraduate student, and when those courses are typically offered. This form requires signatures from both the AMP Program Coordinator and the prospective student’s undergraduate advisor, among others. This form must be uploaded the Application for Graduate Study.

Step 2

Prospective students must apply for admission through the UVM Graduate College. Each graduate program maintains its own application deadline. Apply to your program of interest the semester prior to their intended start time. For example, spring course taking as an AMP student requires completion of all paperwork and securing of acceptances during the preceding fall semester. Prospective AMP students are strongly encouraged to be in contact with program faculty and staff to discuss application procedures.

  • Sandra King

    Spotlight on AMP Student Sandra King

    “I wanted to become a teacher my whole life, since kindergarten, actually,” recalls Sandra, who is on track to complete an accelerated master’s degree pathway in special education within a year after earning her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Sandra has natural way with students which is exemplified by her hard work, organizational skills, and maturity. She is deeply committed to the field and the holistic wellness of youth, families, and communities through inclusive and culturally responsive practices.

CESS Graduate Student & Program Services

Contact Us

For program specific information, please reach out to the respective program coordinator or visit the web page for your program of interest.

For questions about our graduate programs or application procedures, please contact Gillian Homsted at email at or call 802-656-1446.


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