CEMS Faculty and Staff Profile Update Form

Dean's Office

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Sylvie Butel

Research Support and Finance Specialist


Doug Dickey

Douglas Dickey

Assistant Dean, Lecturer Douglas.Dickey@uvm.edu
Anthony Fouche

Anthony Fouche

Grant Facilitator Anthony.Fouche@uvm.edu
Courtney Giles Courtney Giles CEMS Lab Manager Courtney.Giles@uvm.edu

Jenn Karson

Director of Communications, Lecturer Jennifer.Karson@uvm.edu

Jacob Leopold

Administrative Professional Jacob.Leopold@uvm.edu

Joan Rosebush

Director of Student Success Joan.Rosebush@uvm.edu

Linda Schadler

Dean & Professor Linda.Schadler@uvm.edu

Sharon Sylvester

Executive Assistant to the Dean Sharon.Sylvester@uvm.edu
Monika Ursiny

Monika Ursiny

Business Manager Monika.Ursiny@uvm.edu
Floyd Vilmont Scientific Equipment Technician Floyd.Vilmont@uvm.edu

Student Services

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Genevieve Anthony

Academic Advisor Genevieve.Anthony@uvm.edu
Matt Manz

Matt Manz

Academic Advisor Matt.Manz@uvm.edu
Marnie Owen

Marnie Owen

Assistant Dean for Student Services Marnie.Owen@uvm.edu
Lauren Petrie

Lauren Petrie

Coordinator Career Readiness Program Lauren.Petrie@uvm.edu
Amanda Wells

Amanda Wells

Academic Advisor Amanda.M.Wells@uvm.edu
Samantha Williams Samantha Williams Graduate Programs Coordinator Samantha.D.Williams@uvm.edu
Mary Wozniak   Mary.Wozniak@uvm.edu

Computer Facility

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Ian Davis

IT Professional Ian.Davis@uvm.edu
Tim Raymond

Tim Raymond

Director Tim.Raymond@uvm.edu

Computer Science

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Margaret (Maggie) Eppstein

Department Chair, Professor Margaret.Eppstein@uvm.edu

Mary (Penni) French

Academic Office Coordinator Mary.French@uvm.edu

Electrical & Biomedical Engineering

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Katarina Khosravi

Katarina Khosravi

Administrative Assistant Katarina.Khosravi@uvm.edu

Jeff Frolik

Chair, Professor Jeff.Frolik@uvm.edu

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Photo Name Title Email

Mandar Dewoolkar

Interim Chair, Professor Mandar.Dewoolkar@uvm.edu
Patty McNatt

Pattie McNatt

Administrative Assistant Pattie.McNatt@uvm.edu

Mechanical Engineering

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Karen Bernard

Administrative Assistant Karen.Bernard@uvm.edu

Yves Dubief

Interim Chair, Associate Professor Yves.Dubief@uvm.edu

Mathematics & Statistics

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Jeffrey Buzas

Jeffrey Buzas

Department Chair, Professor Jeffrey.Buzas@uvm.edu

Melissa Rubinchuk

Administrative Assistant Melissa.Rubinchuk@uvm.edu

Greg Warrington

Associate Chair, Professor Greg.Warrington@uvm.edu

Karen Wright

Administrative Assistant Karen.Wright@uvm.edu

TRC Team, Associates and Faculty

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Abby Bleything

Outreach Professional, Clean Cites Coordinator abby.bleything@uvm.edu

Jonathon Dowds

Research Analyst jdowds@uvm.edu

Julie Dowds

Outreach Professional, New England Transportation Consortium julie.dowds@uvm.edu

Glenn McRae, Ph.D.

Outreach Manager & Director, NE Transportation Workforce Center Director glenn.mcrae@uvm.edu

Peggy A. O'Neill-Vivanco

Workforce Outreach Coordinator poneillv@uvm.edu

Karen Sentoff Research Specialist ksentoff@uvm.edu

Madeline Suender

Administrative and Research Assistant


James Sullivan

Research Projects Director James.Sullivan@uvm.edu

Carol Vallett, Ed.D.

Evaluation Specialist Carol.Vallett@uvm.edu

Vermont Math Initiative

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Susan Ojala

Research Associate Susan.Ojala@uvm.edu

Vermont Space Grant/NASA EPSCoR

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Debra Fraser

Program Coordinator Debra.Fraser@uvm.edu

Darren L. Hitt

Director Darren.Hitt@uvm.edu