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The College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (CEMS) is composed of the students and faculty within our halls, as well as the alumni and friends from outside our walls. Our faculty conduct leading-edge research while teaching our students to excel long after they pass their final exams. Our alumni and friends play important roles as mentors, board members, and donors. Each plays an important role in the success of the College.

Education, and in particular The University of Vermont, was an opportunity that my parents committed their lives to provide me. - Dr. Cynthia Barnhart, Provost, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Dr. Andy Reagan- Data Scientist, Massmutual

Dr. Andy Reagan

Andy was an M.S. and Ph.D. student at UVM, studying mathematics and working closely with the Complex Systems Center. He currently works with the Data Science team at MassMutual.

I wasn't sure when I started school what one could do with a mathematics degree, though I eventually learned the possibilities were nearly endless. I graduated a semester early with just the math degree so I could skip up to Vermont. I came to study applied mathematics, taking many fantastic courses along the way through the Master’s and Ph.D. programs, and eventually began to see and study the world through the lens of Complex Systems.

After graduation, I rushed to Amherst, Massachusetts, to join the burgeoning Data Science team at MassMutual, joining UVM alum Adam Fox. We employ data along with statistical models to drive decision making in the insurance industry, and it's been very exciting to be part of the team driving these changes in insurance. Just last week, we released the MyLifeScore360 tool that allows anyone to understand how risk assessments are made from answering a few questions about themselves. 

I was very fortunate, having the mentorship of Professors Peter Dodds and Chris Danforth, as well as their leadership as part of the Computational Story Lab. We have been able to continue our partnership through the collaboration between MassMutual, where I now work, and the Complex Systems Center. As anyone who has been through graduate school will tell you, it's all about the people you get to work with. UVM is home to world-class researchers, who, importantly, are also nice people, and that combination is hard to beat!