What is e-STEM?

Thanks to the Donofrio family STEM Enrichment Fund we have been able to create this program. eSTEM stands for Excellence in STEM and is a dedicated program for BIPOC students at UVM to have community within the STEM fields. In math, the 'e' is known as Euler's number which is the base for natural log and plays a crucial role in several concepts. One of the concepts being compound interest, which is building upon the already existing structure and growing infinitely. The reason we chose 'e' wasn't just because it stands for excellence, but also because you can all build upon the knowledge that you have collectively and continue to impact the STEM field and those who come after you. We want you to feel supported in that growth and as you navigate STEM spaces that have been historically white and male dominated. YOU BELONG!

Discovery Room

eSTEM Room (Affinity Study Space): Discovery 203A

An available study space for all BIPOC students in STEM, you can access it with your Cat Card every day of the week.


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