Students measure common water quality parameters in the Environmental Engineering Lab for the CE 254 Environmental Quantitative Analysis course.

Welcome to the CEMS TEaching ACtivity Hub (TEACH)!

TEACH is a platform for CEMS teachers, by CEMS teachers. It was created to support the College's mission to advance educational excellence and to support students through improved learning experiences. 

  • Join the CEMS TEACH Team! Contribute to ongoing discussions, receive important updates and reminders, ask questions, and celebrate the educational legacy of our instructors.
  • EVENTS Learn about past and upcoming events and other relevant training opportunities.
  • RESOURCES Find useful information on innovative teaching practices, instructional research, and remote instruction.
  • SUBMIT FEEDBACK Share your experience and any ideas that might be of interest to others in the CEMS community.

While TEACH focuses on programs within CEMS, we welcome collaboration and inspiration from others in the wider UVM community and beyond!



TEACH is supported by the CEMS Pedagogical Innovation Committee, whose mission is comprised of three key elements:

  1. Community: Creating opportunities to connect with colleagues across disciplines and exchange ideas on best teaching practices.
  2. Innovation: Developing and disseminating pedagogical resources, tailored to the needs of CEMS faculty and students.
  3. Reflection: Regular assessment of teaching practices and student learning outcomes to better-inform curricular decisions and programs within CEMS.

Pedagogical Innovation Committee

Current Members

  • Clayton Cafiero, Computer Science
  • Ken Burkman, Mechanical Engineering
  • François Dorais, Mathematics
  • Richard Single, Statistics
  • Open position, Electrical & Biomedical Engineering
  • Open position, Physics
  • Priyantha Wijesinghe, Civil & Environmental Engineering, co-Chair
  • Courtney D Giles, Civil & Environmental Engineering, co-Chair

Past Members

  • Radhakrishna Dasari, Computer Science
  • Eva-Marie Cosoroaba, Electrical & Biomedical Engineering
  • Britt Holmen, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Laura Marthaler, Mathematics
  • Sheila Weaver, Statistics

Fall 2022 Events!

  • CEMS Fall 2022 Kick-Off Schedule, Week of 8/22/22
  • TEACH Drop-In Hours. Wed. 8/24/22, 3:30-5:00, Innov. E204
  • TEACH: CEMS+Physics Faculty Round-Table on Teaching Practices. Thurs. 9/29/22, 11:40-12:55, Innov. E204
  • TEACH: Teaching with Case Studies Workshop, Scott Auerbach, UMass iCons program. Thurs. 10/27/22, 11:40-12:55, Innov. E204
  • TEACH: Faculty Round-Table: "Preemptive Strategies to Make Your Life Easier". Tues. 12/14/22 TBA

Pedagogical Innovation Committee, Fall Meetings

  • Meeting 1: Monday 8/22/22, 2:30-3:30 Votey 107
  • Meeting 2: Thursday 9/8/22, 11:40-12:55 Votey 107
  • Meeting 3: Thursday 10/20/22, 11:40-12:55 Votey 107
  • Meeting 4: Thursday 11/17/22, 11:40-12:55 Votey 107

Fall 2022 Book Group: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 

  • Facilitated by Holly Buckland-Parker (CTL) and Lizzy Pope (Dept of Nutrition and Food Sciences)
  • One meeting per month, dates TBD
  • Please email or to sign up

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