ecological economics

Ecological Economics is in our DNA.

The Gund Institute is an international leader in ecological economics, a transdisciplinary field that integrates the study of ecological, economic and social systems to solve humanity’s greatest environmental challenges.

From 2002-2017, the Institute was named the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, and the approach remains a core strength. Ecological economics grounds the global economy within a larger ecological reality, and pursues the goals of sustainability, equity and human well-being.

The Gund Institute houses a dynamic ecological economics community – featuring such field pioneers as Jon Erickson and Joshua Farley – where faculty, students, and partners collaborate to create a truly sustainable future.

Graduate Certificate in Ecological Economics

The Ecological Economics Graduate Certificate gives students and professionals a solid foundation in Ecological Economics to advance your research, organization, or career. Learners can take the Certificate by itself, or paired with UVM graduate programs. Learn more about the Certificate.

Leadership for the Ecozoic

The Leadership for the Ecozoic (L4E) PhD program is an ambitious global research-to-action project seeking to heal Earth’s life support systems and foster a mutually-enhancing relationship between the planet and society. Learn more about L4E.

Economics for the Anthropocene

helicopter in Greenland

Economics for the Anthropocene (E4A) is an innovative international graduate research and training program with McGill and York universities. By connecting ecological and economic realities to the challenges of the Anthropocene, it aims to establish a new human-Earth relationship grounded in contemporary science. Learn more about E4A.

Eric Zencey Prize for Ecological Economics

A photo of Eric Zencey

The Eric Zencey Prize in Ecological Economics celebrates the best current affairs book or long-form journalism that addresses real-world environmental challenges using the principles of ecological economics. Learn about the Zencey Prize

Future Research Agenda


Gund scholars recently hosted an international gathering of leading ecological economists to chart a new research agenda for the field. The results will be published in book-form to help advance the field and key research priorities. Explore the workshops.

Research News

Explore recent ecological economics research from the Gund community.


Get a YouTube crash course on ecological economics from Gund Fellows Joshua Farley and Jon Erickson.

Proud History

Explore highlights from the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics (2002-2017), when we emerged as an international leader in ecological economics.