Gund Graduate Fellow, Nutrition and Food Sciences

Teresa is a PhD student in the Food Systems Program at UVM, and is also a Gund Graduate Fellow. With experience in consumer and sustainability research, as well as promotion of Neglected and Underutilised Species (NUS) in Zimbabwe, Teresa understands the increasingly prominent role that the consumer plays in shaping food and farming systems. She is convinced that understanding consumer behaviour is a prerequisite for capturing consumer differences, understanding sustainability market segments and developing tailored interventions that motivate consumers to engage in more sustainable consumption. Her research involves investigating consumer acceptance and demand for plant-based proteins derived from hemp grain (Cannabis sativa L.).

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

consumer behaviour, sustainable diets, novel food adoption, neglected and underutilised species (NUS), community development and food security


  • M.Sc., Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, School of Natural and Environmental Sciences, Newcastle University
  • B.Sc., Applied Environmental Science, University of Zimbabwe