Gund Affiliate, Research Assistant Professor, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

I work to improve the health of both managed and wild pollinators through research, education, and outreach. At UVM, I conduct research on bee disease, teach introductory beekeeping courses, and direct the Vermont Bee Lab which offers disease diagnostic services for Vermont Beekeepers.

Prior to grad school, I spent four years coordinating biological surveys and leading public education programs for non-profit organizations, including monitoring federally endangered American Burying Beetles for Nantucket's reintroduction program, surveying songbirds through montane forests of the Northeast, and developing and instructing environmental education programs for both children and adults.

I recieved my Ph.D. in 2018 here at the University of Vermont, where I studied disease spillover among wild and managed pollinators. As a graduate student,I spearheaded Vermont's involvement with the National Honey Bee Survey- a USDA program aimed at collecting baseline data on bee disease and health. I continue to manage the survey and work closely with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture and Vermont Beekeepers Association.Currently I am serving as Scientific Advisor on the Board of the Vermont Beekeepers Association.

Gund Affiliate Samantha Alger

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Pollinator conservation, disease ecology, ecology


  • PhD, Biology, University of Vermont
  • BA, Biology, University of Rhode Island
  • BS, General Business, University of Rhode Island