Gund Affiliate, assistant professor, Water Systems and Global Change Group - Department of Environmental Science, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Raffaele Vignola's research and teaching focus on the coupled human and natural dimensions of climate change adaptation and planning regarding food production and water resources. His applied research has engaged with and supported stakeholders decision-making processes on ecosystem services conservation and climate change adaptation in several countries and at different scales. His transdisciplinary research approaches combine social and natural science to support solution-oriented research and education. He has a BSc in Agronomy Engineer from the University of Florence (Italy), a MSc in Environmental Economics and Sociology and a PhD in Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ). He founded and led the Chair of Environmental Decisions for Global Change (CLADA) at CATIE (an inter-American Research, posgraduate Education and Extension organization). He is tenured assistant professor at the Water Systems and Global Change (WSG) chairgroup of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Before joining WSG at Wageningen University, he joined the Environmental Policy Group of this university doing research and teaching on sustainable food systems transitions. He has been adjunct professor at the Institute for Environment, Resources and Sustainability of the University of British Columbia, Canada, and since 2015 is research-affiliate at the Gund Institute for the Environment of the University of Vermont, US.


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