Gund Affiliate, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

Matthew J. Scarborough directs the Environmental Microbiome Engineering Research Group whose members study and develop microbial community based platforms to protect the environment and public health. Scarborough’s group aims to develop technologies for recovering valuable products from agricultural and municipal organic wastes. This work aims to provide additional revenue for farmers while reducing water and air pollution. Matthew's work encapsulates many scales, from studying the function of individual enzymes to implementing full-scale microbiome-based conversion platforms.

Scarborough previously worked for a large environmental consulting company as a water and wastewater engineer for 7 years and is a licensed professional engineer in Vermont.


Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Anaerobic digestion, bioprocessing, waste valorization, wastewater treatment, microbiomes, microbial ecology


  • PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • BS, Civil Engineering, University of Wyoming


  • 802-656-2463
Office Location:

213E Votey