Gund Fellow, Professor, Department of Geography

Wemple's research focuses on the dynamics of hydrologic and geomorphic processes in upland, forested watersheds. Her work examines the influence of land use practices on geophysical processes with a particular interest in using basic theoretical tools and simulation modeling, in conjunction with empirical field studies, to understand how management of the mountain landscape alters the processes of runoff generation and sediment production in steep, headwater catchments.

Dr. Wemple's teaching reflects her interests in both physical geography and in geographic techniques. She teaches an introductory course in physical geography, which covers aspects of weather and climate, geomorphology, and biogeography. At the intermediate level, she teaches a field-based course in watershed processes (hydrology, geomorphology, and aquatic ecology) and a topics-based course in water resources management. Her advanced seminar class focuses on topics in human-environment interactions.



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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Water resources, geomorphology, GIS, spatial modeling, human-environment interactions, mountain environments


  • PhD, Forest Ecology, Oregon State University
  • MS, Physical Geography, Oregon State University
  • BA, Economics and German, University of Richmond


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