Office Manager

Ben Morgan’s interest in higher education administration was borne from his experience as a writing tutor in undergrad, an English teacher in the Peace Corps, and then as a program coordinator at Boston University School of Law. He eventually found an interest in administrative best practices in higher education through his studies for his master’s degree in criminal justice.

His role as the Office Manager at the Gund Institute for Environment allows him to pursue his interest in helping others achieve their goals. By providing operational support through supply management, scheduling, space allocation, facility work orders, purchase orders, student worker hiring, external scholarly events convened at the Institute, and working with contractors, Ben helps the Institute achieve its many goals alongside the leadership team.

Ben is from Indiana. In an attempt to eschew the innate obsession with corn that Midwesterners are cursed with, he studied philosophy during his undergraduate years. Most are not sure if he has succeeded, but some realize that the culmination of his philosophical ponderings ended with this joke.

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Operations, supplies, room scheduling, assistant to the Director, floor management, events


  • MS, Criminal Justice, Boston University
  • BA, Philosophy, Roanoke College