Gund Graduate Fellow, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Bailey is a PhD student in the department of Plant and Soil Science within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Bailey's research passions are centered on exploring the dynamics of soil health, which she sees as an underexplored medium brimming with life. Bailey's current focus is on the relationship between legumes and soil microbes under conditions of water deficit, and how this interfaces with soil health and ecology. Other areas of interest include preserving systems of agriculture knowledge transmission and supporting soil restoration through sustainable pasture and crop management. Bailey is also passionate about youth science education and engagement.

Before coming to Vermont Bailey studied wheat physiology, examining the impact of drought on this important food crop. Food and nutrient access continue to be motivators in her current work. Outside of research, she enjoys gardening, hiking, making and sharing food, and a good mystery.

Advisor: Eric Bishop von Wettberg

Gund Graduate Fellow Bailey Kretzler

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Crop domestication, drought resilience, plant-microbe interactions


  • BSc, Plant Science, University of Missouri
  • MSc, Plant Science, Lancaster University