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Thanks so much for exploring Burlington and its surrounding area! This Cultural Resource Guide is for those living or considering living in the Burlington area and who want to learn more about the diverse resources available. At UVM we believe this is a vital resource for prospective and current faculty, staff, and students from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and/or identities. Although this resource is not exhaustive, we hope it gives you a better sense of the diversity of resources available to you in the area.

Whether through talking to friends and family or Googling Top 10 Things to Know About Vermont, you’ve probably encountered a few of the following:

It’s a naturally beautiful place.
It’s the only state that doesn’t have a McDonalds in the capital.
We have no billboards.

You may have also come across statements articulating Vermont as one of the most rural and whitest states in the U.S. Although those demographics are real, such characterizations often overlook the wide and diverse variety of cultures, identities, and backgrounds that comprise the people and communities that create a unique vibrance here.

Understanding the challenges that can come with moving and living somewhere new, especially for individuals and families holding historically marginalized and under-represented identities, this guide has been created to connect you with the foundational knowledge and resources needed to make Vermont your home. Whether it’s finding a grocery store that carries the produce you need to make your favorite meal, connecting with a health care provider who hears your unique human needs, or discovering a sense of community within a place of worship or a recreational sports league, this guide can help.

Finding What You Need

We’ve broken our information down into three areas that align with what we need as humans to survive, thrive, and feel like we belong. As life doesn’t often fall into such neat compartments, you’ll find crossover between sections and subsections. We’ve provided references to intersecting items, so make sure to check out those additional links if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

The items found within this guide were suggested and referenced by members of the university community, but this is by no means a complete representation of all there is to offer. If you think something is missing or if you have a recommendation for this guide, please let us know. As our community evolves, so will our resources.

Thank you! Gracias! Shukran! Dhanyavaad! Merci!

Amer F. Ahmed, Ed.D. (He/Him)
Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Special thanks to all those who have helped gather this information. Especially: