Professors Pioneer Research into Anxiety-Related Brain Molecule

Professors Sayamwong Hammack and Victor May began as busmates. And soon their conversations on the commute sprouted into a research partnership.

Hammack and May have been studying an increasingly popular molecule in the realm of neuroscience and psychology called pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide — PACAP for short. The molecule has been found to impact the stress and...

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Dorcas Lohese in laboratory environment with a student

Student Instagram Project Helps STEM Majors Find Their Way

Students in the sciences can find study tips, network and learn more about their academic fields thanks to a new, student-run Instagram account centered on STEM.

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UVM Chemistry PhD Alumni

Ph.D. Alumni Spotlight: Four Women Make their Mark in Chemistry

Four women who recently earned their doctoral degrees from the UVM Department of Chemistry are making a difference in college classrooms, research institutions, and start-up companies in Vermont, New England, and abroad.  

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