In May 2017, our department moved from the Cook Physical Science Building to Discovery Hall. This new building contains brand new teaching and research laboratories that are designed to encourage and increase student interaction in a safe, bright environment. Construction is continuing on Phase II of the project: demolition of Cook and construction of Innovation Hall, which will house classrooms and offices for chemistry, physics, computer science, and mathematics. As an incoming student or faculty member, you’ll have access to these world-class facilities, incubating your academic and scholarly interests and preparing you for a rewarding future.

Home to a Variety of Students

Bailey-Howe library

The new STEM complex will house the chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics and computer science departments. The diverse spectrum of classes taught in the facility encourages collaboration between classes and the overlap of subjects, giving the students the opportunity to apply what they are learning to a number of different disciplines. 

Making a Difference

Faculty and students work side by side

The STEM disciplines are associated with the most promising economic development opportunities — areas that will supply solutions to the greatest challenges we face as a nation, a planet, and a people (water, food, energy, security, health, and health-care). STEM disciplines offer meaningful and rewarding jobs, including creating new technologies and companies in manufacturing, wind energy, smart grid technologies, solar power, aerospace systems, biotechnology, e-commerce, health-care informatics, and advanced computing. Learn more about careers in chemistry.

University of Vermont Glassblowing Lab

glass blowing equipment laboratory space

The UVM Department of Chemistry Glassblowing Lab provides glassblowing services for all faculty, post docs, graduate and undergraduate students and staff. The glassblowing lab may also be used by researchers from other UVM departments as well as the community.

Lab Location: Discovery Hall – Room W320  Office Phone: 802 656-0267 email:

Lab Hours - Monday – Wednesday 8:00am – 4:30pm

Glassblowing Lab Webpage

Laboratory facilities are state-of-the-art


  • 20 state-of-the-art teaching labs
  • 7 media-rich classrooms that foster team-based learning and engaging, problem-based teaching
  • Faculty labs that promote innovation and collaboration
  • Comfortable meeting spaces for student and faculty interaction
  • Glassblowing Lab