• Nolan in a field with cows getting ready to fly drones

    Testing the Waters

    When it comes to career prep, an outside internship can serve as an ideal complement to the learning that goes on inside the classroom. Discover how these six CAS students are gaining invaluable experience—and help shaping their post-graduation plans—from their own fall 2023 internships.

  • golden brown poultry with citrus, onions, carrots and cranberries

    Processing Our Relationship with Food

    New research from psychology professor Antonio Cepeda-Benito aims to shed some light on what kinds of foods are most addictive—and the findings might surprise you. Discover what they are and what to do if you’re dealing with food addiction issues yourself.

  • artist working at a table in low light

    CAS Students Go Global

    In today’s work environment, the ability to communicate and collaborate across cultures is critical. That’s why CAS’s new UVM Global Tech Experience, a program focused on global experiential learning for all students, is so timely and important. Learn all about it right here.

  • The Skeleton Whisperer

    Senior Lily Duerr’s skill at working with animal bones has led her down an unexpected path: She now manages the vertebrate teaching collection at the UVM Natural History Museum. Find out how she turned her passion for the natural world into some amazing hands-on career prep.

  • Kelly DiDio in portrait in the Art Department classroom

    2023 George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award Presentation and Lecture

    Join us for a lecture by this year's George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award winner, Kelley Helmstutler Di Dio, Executive Director, School of the Arts, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, and Rush C. Hawkins Professor of Art History. 

    This event begins at 5:30 p.m. ET on November 16, 2023.The program begins at 5:45 p.m. ET.

    Live stream link: youtube.com/user/universityofvermont/live

    Registration and information

  • debate students at the ready

    Voices of Reason

    Becoming skilled at respectful discourse, a polite way to communicate ideas and opinions, has never been more valuable—and members of the Lawrence Debate Union are learning to do just that. Discover how debate has changed how they interact with the world.

  • Gable smiling and sitting on steps in front of a brick building

    We’re Number One

    Being the first in your family to graduate from college isn’t just about getting a diploma—it's also about rewriting the narrative of your life. Meet four first-gen students and hear first-hand what this amazing journey means to them and their families.

  • colorful hallway with exhibit art pieces on opposite side

    Fleming Spotlight on Studio Art Faculty

    PRAXIS is the museum’s first comprehensive exhibition of work by the UVM studio art faculty. Discover for yourself the stories behind the unique works brought to life by some of CAS’s most talented creators.

  • Connecting the Dots

    For Zane Zupan ’25, this summer has been all about exploring LGBTQ+ history through a series of thought-provoking TikTok videos. Learn all about how and why this unconventional research project is resonating with young viewers.

  • Martin behind the camera getting ready to shoot a scene

    CAS Andrew Harris Fellow Wins Fellowship

    Milton Guillén, Andrew Harris Fellow in the Film and Television Studies Program, was selected to receive Harvard University’s prestigious 2023-24 Film Study Center-LEF Foundation Fellowship. Find out more about the award and his upcoming film in this Q&A.

  • students standing closely together in a group in an indoor setting with a blackboard behind them.

    “Hispanic Voices” Breaks Down Barriers

    As part of a spring semester service-learning project, Spanish students improved their language skills while working to amplify the voices of native Spanish speakers who live in Vermont—and Vermont Public Radio took note. Find out what happened next.

  • Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations in Marseille, France

    Barvalo: Honoring the Romani

    An exhibition conceived and co-curated by Professor Jonah Steinberg that celebrates the rich, proud heritage of the Roma people will premiere at Mucem in Marseille, France, on May 9. Discover why it’s so important.

  • Sam Cranston, dressed in protective garb, collecting ticks in the forest.

    Exploring Their Worlds

    Research is happening in virtually every corner of the College of Arts and Sciences. Students are broadening their own thinking, enriching their fields with fresh knowledge, and even uncovering new possibilities for the future. Here, seven of them share their experiences.

  • film students smiling together at the camden film festival

    Diving Into the World of Documentary Film

    This past fall, CAS Film and Television Studies students had the opportunity to screen high-caliber documentaries and mingle with Oscar winners at the Camden International Film Festival. Discover what they learned and how they’ve been inspired

  • Over the shoulder smile in a sunny, outdoor setting

    Scholars Who Serve

    The Simon Family Scholarship is awarded to CAS students who show a commitment to service and leadership as well as academic prowess. Meet three of them, each of whom is making the kind of impact that will resonate beyond their time at UVM.

  • Smiling person in a sun filled room with fiber and looms
  • somber in black and white

    A History of Reproductive Rights

    The push for women’s reproductive rights may have begun way back in the ‘60s, but it’s as critical today as it ever was. Professor Felicia Kornbluh’s new book chronicles the history of the movement. Learn more right here.

  • Students outdoors in rural setting

    Students Offer Climate Recommendations

    This past fall, CAS Geography and Geosciences students created a plan to help the town of Underhill deal with the effects of climate change. Get a window into their process—and what the town intends to do with the recommendations.

  • The Winooski News for the summer term

    Making a Difference in Winooski

    The Winooski News is experiencing a revitalization thanks in part to a trio of UVM students participating in UVM’s Community News Service. Learn what they’re doing—and why it’s so important.

  • Honoring Unsung History through Sculpture

    A new sculpture designed by Andrew Harris Fellow Christopher Kojzar and his mom, artist Oletha DeVane, honors the lives of two enslaved people in Baltimore, MD. Discover the story behind “Robert and Rosetta.

  • geologists examining holes drilled in rock

    Tracking Groundwater Contamination

    Groundwater contamination from synthetic chemicals called PFAS is a growing problem in Vermont. But through collaboration, research, and new approaches to tracking, UVM Geology Professor Keith Klepeis is determined to help minimize the damage. Read more about this vital research.

  • UVM Board of Trustees Approves Creation of New School

    At its quarterly meeting on Feb. 11, the UVM Board of Trustees approved a proposal to create a new School of World Languages and Cultures within CAS. Read all about it!

  • Paul at his desk, with the lamps on and smiling for the camera.

     We are excited to announce that Professor Deslandes, now an Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, has been awarded the prestigious Morris D. Forkosch Award by the American Historical Association for his book, The Culture of Male Beauty in Britain: From the First Photographs to David Beckham.  Read the rest of the story.

  • Sarah smiling in her light filled office with book lined shelves in the background.

    The Story of a Disney Scholar

    Professor Sarah Nilsen has become a go-to expert for documentaries about Disney, including the recent film, Mickey: The Story of a Mouse. We explore why her research into this global media phenomenon matters.

  • Matt White peers into an electron microscope in his lab

    UVM Students and Faculty Develop New Organic Photonic Technology

    Physics professor, Matthew White,  and his team of students describe a never-before-done technology in an article published this fall that could have implications for screens and other devices that create, change or detect light. Read More.

  • LADG in a bright coral colored blouse against a bright blue sky with wispy clouds

    UVM Professor Appointed to National Academies Board

    Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, Ph.D., joins the national organization tasked with being at the forefront of the U.S. response to climate change. Find out what that means for her—and Vermont.

  • Mildred Belter in front of one of her art projects in Brooklyn, NY

    Arts in Action: A new semester long program in the largest class room in the world: New York City

    Arts in Action is a signature new program of the College of Arts & Sciences to allow students to spend a semester in New York City. Read More. 


    *Photo credit: Anna Watts*
  • Vermont state legislature at work in the state house in Montpelier Vermont

    The Class Inside the Statehouse

    “This isn't a typical classroom,” said Anthony “Jack” Gierzynski, director of the Vermont Legislative Research Service (VLRS) — a hands-on class and policy research shop serving Vermont’s civic legislators — “and students don’t do typical research papers.” Read More.

  • Art Professor Film to Premiere at Berlin International Film Festival

    The Berlin International Film Festival recently selected “North By Current,” a genre busting experiential documentary by UVM’s Madsen Minax for inclusion in the film festival’s prestigious summer line up. Read More.

  • CAS Fall Internship Stories

    We asked six CAS students to talk to us about their fall 2022 internships and how those experiences are changing how they see themselves and their future careers. Read what they had to say.

  • Leading through teaching: Rory Waterman

    Close your eyes and picture yourself seated in a chemistry classroom, poised for notetaking. You’re probably expecting a lecture filled with complex diagrams, however today’s class is different. Read More.

  • earthen pottery with glaze material and a brush

    UVM’s College of Arts and Sciences Welcomes its New School of the Arts

     It’s one thing to have strong programs in Music, Theatre, Dance, Art, Art History, Creative Writing, and Film and Television Studies. It’s another thing altogether for these programs to exist together within a single creative hub led by world-class, award-winning faculty dedicated to nurturing the artistic voices of the future. 

  • UVM Geology Professor leads new $3.2M study of Earths’ Critical Zone

    Julia Perdrial is putting Earth science at UVM on the map. In 2020, she and her interdisciplinary team won a $3.2 million dollar grant to study earth’s Critical Zone from the National Science Foundation. Read More

  • headshot of Mark Usher in an outdoor setting

    The Power of Saying No

    You might be surprised to discover how much we can learn from the ancient Cynics about living a simple, moral life in today’s modern world. Classical Languages and Literature Professor M.D. Usher’s new book is an entertaining introduction to their wit and wisdom. Read more about what the ancient Cynics can teach us.

  • We Still Believe in You All banner with doves hangs on a painted wall

    Liberal Arts in Prison Program

    Discover how a program designed to bring UVM students and incarcerated people together to learn side by side is changing perceptions, fostering a greater understanding, and revealing our common ground. Read on to learn more.

  • Disaster Expert  Studies the Impact of COVID

    Alice Fothergill is a sociologist who focuses on disaster research and most recently turned her attention to COVID-19. Read more.


  • Snapchat & The Supreme Court; New Book Tells the Story of Free Speech

    Earlier this year a high school student ripped her school on Snapchat because she did not make the varsity cheerleading squad. In response the school cut her from the team.  Is what the student said protected under the First Amendment? Read More.

  • Putting the Welcome Sign Back up: A new approach to refugees

    Welcoming and settling refugees in the United States is the right thing to do for a number of reasons, argues Pablo Bose, an urban geographer and migration studies scholar at the University of Vermont. Read More.

  • Civil Society in Real Time: Former UVM President Teaches Class on Impeachment

    Just as the new spring semester gets underway, so does one of the most historic trials in U.S. history: the second impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump. Read More.

  • Poetry of Resistance

    Tina Escaja is compelled by resistance. It’s a way of life that has manifested itself in her latest book, Resistencia: Poems of Protest and Revolution, which she co-edited with Mark Eisner. Read more

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