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All full-time graduate students in the Department of Chemistry receive financial aid in the form of teaching or research fellowships. Financial assistance is tendered to a student before they enroll at UVM, and aid continues throughout a students' graduate career, provided that his or her performance remains satisfactory. The usual types of financial aid are listed below:


Teaching Fellowships

These fellowships provide a stipend and full tuition remission and are the most usual form of fellowship support offered to entering graduate students. Although teaching fellow appointments are made for the period of the academic year only, the department provides each teaching fellow with summer support from research grant funds or other resources of the department.

Research Fellowships

Graduate research fellowships or assistantships are normally awarded to second, third, or fourth year graduate students only. These research appointments provide for the payment of tuition and for a stipend equivalent to that received by a teaching fellow. Appointment is on a calendar rather than academic year basis. Exceptionally well-qualified students are nominated by the department for national fellowships, such as those provided by the National Science Foundation.

For questions about financial aid, contact Giuseppe Petrucci (, chair of the UVM Graduate Affairs Committee.