New Award to Fund UVM Student’s Research After Graduation

Photo of Evan Beretta

A new initiative by a private foundation will allow a UVM Chemistry student to work with his faculty mentor on a phosphorus research project for a year after graduation.

Rory Waterman, professor of Chemistry and associate dean in UVM’s College of Arts and Sciences, is one of nine scholars in the country to receive a Cottrell Postbac Award from the Research Corporation for Science...

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Chemistry Professor Helps Recover Helium in Discovery Hall

Helium is one of the only elements on Earth that is an entirely nonrenewable resource—and it’s rapidly depleting. Every time we pop a balloon, for example, that helium is released and gone forever.

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UVM’s Rory Waterman is One of Three to Receive The 2021 Cottrell Scholar Collaborative Award

The Research Corporation for Science Advancement has funded three new collaborative projects emerging from discussions on reimagining higher education at the 2021 Cottrell Scholar Conference, one of which being Professor Rory Waterman of the University of Vermont.

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