Prof Pursued Chemistry as Career, Researches Cancer Cell Enzyme

Erik Ruggles at a podium in a large lecture hall

Since arriving at UVM, Erik Ruggles has pursued a passion he first found in high school.

Ruggles, then a high school junior, was intrigued with the subjects covered by a charismatic chemistry teacher, especially inorganic and organic chemistry. He thought chemistry could be a career.

So, he earned a bachelor’s in chemistry from Ithaca College, and eventually he ended up at UVM in...

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Photo of Evan Beretta

New Award to Fund UVM Student’s Research After Graduation

A new initiative by a private foundation will allow a UVM Chemistry student to work with his faculty mentor on a phosphorus research project for a year after graduation.

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Chemistry Professor Helps Recover Helium in Discovery Hall

Helium is one of the only elements on Earth that is an entirely nonrenewable resource—and it’s rapidly depleting. Every time we pop a balloon, for example, that helium is released and gone forever.

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